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NSW Old Pac campaign - Alleged Police incitement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by NSSherlock, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. I can't see this posted so please remove or merge if needed.

    Email received from MCC of NSW today:

    Be interesting to hear what the outcome is.
    I wonder how relevant this case might also be to Police tailgating to try and "push" the driver into exceeding the limit or making a mistake. I witnessed an extreme case of this in front of me and was taken back at how dangerous it was under the circumstances I saw.

  2. I saw cops do the tailgating trick in Brisbane a few years back. Three lane road and the tailgates them in the middle with no other cars around. When the vehicle slowed instead of speeding up they pulled them up for a "random" breathe. Scumbags.
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  3. I will be very interested in the outcome of this case... although we don't have 'entrapment' laws in Australia, surely inciting a rider through both dubious and dangerous actions to break the law should put the cops on shaky ground. Curious to what may happen to all the other riders snared by the same tactics assuming this case is eventually dismissed.

    NB. I had the Xtrail pull this trick on me last year just after the Brooklyn bridge but didn't take the bait.
  4. I'd imagine it comes down to how far "pulling out just in front" really was. If it involves them breaking give way laws there might be room for argument. Either way I wasn't aware a magistrate could refuse a guilty plea...
  5. While tailgating sucks, I see no problem giving someone a breath test who slows down when the police are behind them... sounds suspicious no? Plus they should be in the left lane. Just saying ;)

    GL to the OP, interested to see how it goes. I dont know why cops need to entrap people when with 5 minutes observation you can easily see 5 offences in general traffic.
  6. sounds completely normal. Breath testing someone after they dared react to a dickhead action just sounds like typical police ego trip.
    Keep left rules applies to right lane, not right lanes. If the road is empty and overtaking lane free, there is no problem with being in middle lane
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  7. Was a 60 zone... They can use any lane hey want. Don't be presumptuous lol
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  8. Really?

    Show me the bit in the road traffic act that states you must always travel in the far left lane of a 3 lane road please.
  9. Correct, it is left two lanes unless overtaking and any lane when speed limit is under 80kph. At least in sa it is
  10. As far as I am aware the Traffic Act in Qld states that vehicles must travel as far as practicable to the left hand side of the road - not that it matters, as everything from mud carters to B doubles think they can hog the right hand lanes while texting or jibbering on their phones
  11. Might be different in Qld since this is the Australian Road Rule but:

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  12. shall be eager to hear the outcome of this case - keep us posted OP n anyone else following it
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  13. As far to the left as possible unless overtaking. Kthx. But I was presumptuous about the speed limit ;)

    As for whinging and whining and complaining and bitching and crying and moaning about breath tests: you have nothing to worry about if you aren't over the limit. Suck it up, blow in the tube and be on your way. Really farking difficult. Plus, don't slow down for tailgaters, why try and poke someone who has already shown they don't give a crap about your safety. Thats just GENIUS!
  14. i have nice bright fog lights on the back. they tend to remove tailgaters :)
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  15. a shooting spotlight out the back window has the same affect;-)
  16. lol yeah i figured you must have gotten the idea it was the highway or something... it wa sa 3 lane road through the middle of brisbane (roma st i THINK...) anyways there was bugger all traffic around and the car was cruising along, seemed to be doing 50ish... not fast and not slow, nothing out of the ordinary. The cop pulled out, then acellerated up behind them and sat about 1M off their back bumper... after about a block the car slowed... and when it did they pulled them over and breathos them. I have NO problem with random breathos, or being pulled up for them... but it looked more like they were trying to harass them into speeding up or braking suddenly or something and when they just slowed and didn't over react they breathod them out of frustration that their harassment hadn't worked.

    what do you propose doing if someones tailgating you like that? they didn't accellerate and speed, they didn't brake and nearly cause an accident, and they didn't stop... so if it was a psycho they weren't exposing themselves to it.... I think what they did was about right. (there was a cop shop another block down the road so they could always pull up there if they were scared)
  17. Change lanes is what I do. Yes I know someone shouldnt have to, but we live in a world of many shouldnt have to's. Letting things go is a pretty necessary skill these days. My boss's wife had the car in front get out, jump on her car and smash her windscreen in, with her kids in it, for flashing her lights and tailgating them after they overtook her illegally and then slowed right down (after tailgating her).

    Pretty lame of the cops to do that. Only time I've seen them tailgate was when a speeder went past me, coppers raced up behind them, tailgated for a few seconds and then flashed the lights. Usually traffic drops 10km/hr when cops are around too.
  18. Back in the 70s I was passenger in a car being tailgated and the owner did exactly that (turned rearward spotlight on). Tailgating car was police. :inpain:
    He spent three days in the lockup.

    (Was like that back then.)