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old orig v korean copy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. guys i need your advice. my fiance has decided (no pressure from me) to go for her mbike licence next week. i love cruisers and appreciate some sport bikes (sound of an R1 at full revs!!!), but we are looking at a mini crusier for her.

    This is the choice at moment the Honda VT250 Custom (1999) 4,700kms, $4000.00 from a honda dealer

    the korean copy - Kymko Venox (2010) -3,000kms $3500, from a private seller.

    the test reports on the venox are very favourable, but im not sure i could part with my cash for a 'no name' brand.......having said that look at Hyosungs now. 10 years ago you were laughed at buying one of them, now they are accepted.
  2. Go the Honda....

    just, go the Honda
  3. Ditto!! At worse get her a 20 year old cb250, would last longer then the new Kymko!!
  4. IMO - a 15 year old Honda is better than a brand new korean practice attempt at building a motorcycle. $500 well spent, the dealer also guarantee's ownership and will discount accessories/riding gear if bought with the bike, weather the discounted price will match AMX or the other discount mobs you cant tell until yuo compare prices.. The dealer may even take sopme off the price of the bike if you ask nicely, BTW telling him its a toss up between a used kymco from a private seller and the Honda, may not do you any favours, In His opinion, youre comparing an apple thats already been picked from a tree to one thats already been eaten.
    Give kymco another few years if you expect Japanese quality.
  5. you guys will laugh and will think im pathetic.....but the Honda Vt250 custom was my 'dream bike' 2 years ago, when i just got my L's. I sen em on bikepoint but none for sale in adelaide at that time. i bought an Eliminator instead.

    pound for pound, inch for inch.....i doubt there was anything that looked better than that Honda back then. (in the cruiser world that is)
  6. Pretty sure Kymko is Chinese not Korean.

    Oh and the Japanese is a copy anyway.
  7. Go the honda, no question.

    The copies are good bikes, but not for a learner.

    The places they seem different tends to be gears and brakes. Not helpful for a learner and I wouldn't let my wife on a bike I didn't trust the brakes on anyway.

    Stick with Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki for a learner, I could stretch to include the Hyosung if need be.

    Once you're out of LAMS purgatory, keep that list but add Triumph, Harley and Victory to it for cruisers.
  8. I wouldn't buy either TBH.

    I'm pretty sure Kymco are Taiwanwse. Some quite good stuff comes out of Taiwan these days but I still wouldn't.
  9. if she is planing on doing her p's if you buy a crusier then she will have to hire out there bike becasue there is almost no hope in hell getting a crusier around it

  10. you are right, the nimble yamaha Scorpios, that the dept of transport supplied, was the choice for the people with me when we went for our P's. perfect for the double U turn that we all dreaded.
  11. It isn't impossible, infact there was a thread somewhere just recently about that.

    I also had a friend do his on a Yami 650 cruiser.

    Me, i'd recommend using their bikes anyway.
  12. Buy the Honda.
  13. My mistake it is Taiwanese

  14. Vertical C you claim that the Honda was a copy of another mbike. do you know what its a copy of? would love to see what inspired that styling.

    Also its intersting to note that Kymco was 'in bed' with Honda in the early days. the fact that they are associated with BMW for other parts, is not too shabby for the CV either.

    i have seen the Kymco close up.....they do look a little 'toyish'.
  15. The Japanese cruisers were inspired by the American bikes as that's where the whole cruiser scene originated from if i'm not mistaken

    Oh, go the honda
  16. All vt are a mix of Harley Davidson, Softail and Sportster.

    My vt1100 is pretty close to a softail of the same era. They even copied the single pin crank so they would get similar sound, HD was suing Honda for that at one stage.
  17. i did not say it was impossible just very ****ing hard
  18. I wonder how many people here driver cars that are built in Korea, Thailand etc...
  19. Both the B family four wheelers are Japanese built AFAIK.

    However, I'd have no problem with owning a Korean/Thai/Chinese/Indian built vehicle manufactured by a Japanese or Euro company using their own QA/QC procedures.

    I've driven enough Korean built cars to know that some are nice to drive and some are awful, much like any other nations vehicles. I've driven a couplke of (IIRC) Thai built Holden utes and didn't like them much but that's more due to (non-Thai) design issues. Similarly, I've driven some truly loathesome Japanese built cars which were decent quality but utterly uninspiring dynamically.

    And whilst Ford produce the Falcon and, to a lesser extent, Holden produce the Commodore, I don't think Aussies have any right to take the quality moral high ground. By international standards their fit, finish and QA are rubbish.
  20. How dare you!...Sticking to facts is just not on! Buy Australian and support Australian eventhough you'll be dissapointed :-s