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old or newer????

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I am inquiring has anyone here owned a 97-00' 600/750 (carburetted) ? & a 01-03' 600 / 750 (fuel injected)? & whether I should by an early model 600 or spend the bucks and buy a late model one? Is the performance jump to fuel injected & the newer equipment worth it???

    I am thinking gsxr600srad v k2 or 99 R6 v 03 R6.

    I have seen you can get an earlier model of these bikes pretty cheap $3500 to $5000 OR the spend about $2000 more & get an earlier fuel injected version.

    Before you make comments please consider that I am a sports bike oriented rider I.e. will not get an SV650, this will be my 2nd bike after riding a cbr250rr for a year, will be off my p's soon, I have put in 8000ks on the RR & a dozen rides down old pacific & the nato...

    i had my L's 6 years ago & I had an done 4500ks on a RG250.:censored:

    I am confident my abilities are moderate as per the ranking system on this site. I practice low speed riding, counter leaning, breaking, even the odd stoppie/wheelie once a week & my hooligan ways have disappeared along time ago along with the RG. Also booked a track down in a couple of weeks & aiming to do further training.

    I am also mechanically minded so far replaced own chain/sprockets, fork oil, added preload spacers (80cents worth!!!), cleaned carbs, replaced oil fluids, etc on cbr....

    So should I get the cheaper 600s for my 2nd bike as my first big bike to learn on or is the extra $2k worth the fuel injected bike???:-s

    Constructive comment would be greatly appreciated...:-s
  2. I have never owned or ridden either but for what its worth if it where me I think I would go for the older bike with carbs. For the $2000 you save you could get better pipes, rejet the carbs and a host of other mods

    You can do a lot of tuning with $2000 and while EFI is great a well tuned set of carbs is hard to beat.

    But then I just like carbies....they make sense to me, while EFI is all a bit too complicated