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Old oil...Where can you LEGALLY take it to get rid of

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by PNUCKLE, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Do you take it to the tip??? To a local mechanic??

    If so anyone know the price of per ltr

  2. I take it to the tip.
    For the one that I go to it's free under about 4l or something like that, haven't taken for a while so I'm not to sure. Best way to find out would be to call your local tip and ask / check website.
  3. My council does a (sort of) regular day where you can take down all sorts of hazardous liquids you need to get rid of - oil, paint, etc for no charge.

    Give your council a call. If not the EPA (or something like that) also provides details on local places to hand it in.

    *stops being a lazy sob*


    if you are in NSW
  4. Most local tips that I know have facilities to dispose of old oil.
  5. [NSW]

    In NSW you can take it to the Tip and they will take up to 10L for free. Uusally you just line up your bottles of old oil with everyone elses, but sometimes they have big drums that you can empty it into and keep your container... I have a 20L drum that I empty everything into (oil, cooland, barke fluid) and reuse the container.

    In Sydney the councils take turns to run a collection at the council depot once a month where you can dump any chemicals. They have an army of people and different sections so they can sort it all out as they go and you don't even have to get out of the car... but I lost my drum when I did this...

    You can take it to your local mechanic and empty it into their big tank... not sire if they get paid by the oil recycling companies or if they pay to have it removed, or if no-one pays, but the mechanics don't care. You can dump you dead batteries with the mechanic as well, they get $1 for them from the scrappers...

  6. My council advises you that you should not use a powered vehicle anyway, because bicycles are perfectly capable of looking after all your transport needs and the world is DYING.... man....but if you've been environmentally unaware enough to do so, you should unobtrusively wander into the tip in a neighbouring municipality and try to offload it there :LOL:
    (They do the same.)
  7. :LOL: Same with mine as well.
  8. Our council recycling centre (used to be called 'The Tip') won't take waste oil.

    They suggest taking it to a local garage which has a storage tank (we have one at work for example).

    The problem with that is local garages won't take it (too much hassle), luckily I can take mine to work (work has a waste oil storage tank which is emptied by a licensed contractor).
  9. Pnut, there are official recycling locations in several spots in Melbourne. One of them is in Kensington - I brought 25 litres in once, cost me nothing since I wasn't dumping rubbish, otherwise, $10.

    There's another depot in the Port Melbourne refuse station - but I think you need to technically be a local resident.

    Ring your local council or look up the local council website for "waste oil recovery" details.

    There are also some private oil recycling mobs around - but they charge $2.50 or so per litre. F'ck 'em!

    Or bring the oil to your next track day and tip it into the recycle drums near the pits or do the dead of night servo commando raid... leave the full containers of used oil on their door step under the cover of darkness...
  10. With a full oil change every race last year, that was preferred method.
  11. The tip sounds like the place to call. The track day drum sounds good to guys but i have a full 20l drum full and will need to change it before summer.

    Thanks everyone
  12. Hey PNUT, if you have no luck, here is a C&P from Monash website.....
    Materials accepted:
    Clean green waste and mixed green waste, household goods, white goods, building materials, concrete, car batteries, car lubricant oil (fees apply), recyclable items such as glass, plastics, cardboard and aluminium cans.
    Car Oil - the first 30 litres of oil disposal is free, with any amount over 30 litres charged at 40 cents per litre.
  13. Just chuck em on the weeds.


  14. Just drop my name and tell them you're from Netrider ;)

    I know the guys well ;)
  15. If youve got an old unpainted fence it makes a great termite repellent.
  16. Great to keep termites away and great carcinogen.
  17. You want to give the termites cancer?
  18. No, that's for the local kids that keep rocking up and licking our back fence. I don't understand why??? it's like kiddie crack!
  19. Is used crank case oil a carcinogen??????


    Is there any f'cking thing that doesn't cause cancer??? Even bacon now apparently increases stomach cancer risk. :roll:
  20. Over time oil gets contimated with petrol and a whole host of combustion byproducts you dont want to get on your skin.

    Still remember the first time I pulled an oil filter and had my arm covered in oil :LOL:

    As for bacon, problems are almost always to do with how the animals are raised. NEVER give up on bacon :p