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Old Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sith Lord, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. There's certainly a lot of "Newbie" posts happening. Motorcycling seems to be booming!

    I'm not a young newbie. Not an oldie returning to cycling. I'm an oldie getting his L's for the first time! Although I like to think that 36 isn't that old!! ??

    Well, G'day and I'll be chatting.

  2. No Ian 36 isn't that old - I got my license at 32!!!

    We're old enough to enjoy riding for ridings sake, and get heaps cheaper insurance premiums!!

    Welcome to Netrider!
  3. Thanks Carol. Yes. "L" Licence, No Experience. Fully Comp Insurance cheaper than my car.
  4. Hi Ian and welcome.

    I'll give you a tip from a 2 year newbie ,bikes might be cheap to buy compared to a new car .
    But your in for a rude shock :shock: ,services on new bikes $$$ and all the gear and the extras like tank bags ,chain lube ,summer jackets winter jackets ,wet weather gear ,the list goes on and on and on.

    It not as cheap as I originaly thought :LOL: ,but worth it. :grin:
  5. Yeah, don't get into motorcycling if you want to save money, that's for sure. Short commutes on a 250 might be cheaper than driving the cage, but once you get into big bikes, the wallet gets decidedly lighter! :(
  6. That's all good. Money is not my driving force. The fun. The excitement. The enjoyment. My better half will appreciate to cheaper weekly fuel bills, but don't worry (and don't tell her), I'm aware of the other "extras". I've already handed over $1,000 (Learner's Course, Helmet, Jacket, Gloves) and I don't have anything to ride yet.
  7. you're not alone - got my L's just before I turned 37 recently (although I did pass the L's test when I was 20 but didn't end up getting a bike at that stage...probably a good thing in hindsight!).

    I think 30+ is a good age to be getting into the bikes as generally people are more mature/sensible and more aware of the risk/consequense side of things...which is a fairly major consideration on bikes... and thats reflected in the lower insurance cost...sh1t I just sounded like my old man talking about insurance - I must be getting old!

    Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the bike - I certainly am and I'm just about to book in for the full license test...can't wait for that and then 12 mths later when I upgrade from the 250..

  8. hi and welcome...

    ure not old... ure whatever age u want to be.. never too old to start riding, have fun, etc as they say :p
  9. Welcome to NR.

    Old is always 5 years older than you. My ex father in law used to go to hang out at the club with the "Oldies" They were 92 and he was 89!!

    Enjoy the ride

  10. Thanks guys. I'm definately not old, especially when my father dusted off his motorbike licence after 40 years and bought himself a GTR1000 at 65 years old.
  11. Welcome.

    I've had no luck so far getting my dad back into riding. Whilst he said he enjoyed riding my SV back from canberra the other month, he wasn't interested in getting a bike and joining us on rides :cry: Just as well though, I freaked out the whole way back (I drove, he followed behind).
  12. thats because you have a bazillion jackets in your shed sled :LOL:

    welcome old timer, theres no time like the present, hope u enjoy the forums :grin:
  13. I got my licence this year at 48 and its the most freeing thing i've done. I love riding to work and riding home, not necessarily the bit in between, and riding on the weekends. I feel the most relaxed and aware of things around me that I have ever been. You will love it.
  14. Welcome Ian,
    glad to see another young newbie here.
    Got my L's 3 months ago, got my bike 2 weeks ago, doing my licence tomorrow.
    Why did I wait so long? This is fun.
    My kids expect me to retire from it before turning really old (50) :LOL:
  15. My dad turns 71 on boxing day & is still riding. Now has a ZRX1200R & loves it. He joins us on NR rides from time to time but also comes down to ride with his daughter. GOTTA LOVE THAT !!!!

    Go the older generation & thank you for the wealth on info you pass onto us newbies to the 2 wheel world.

    Just don't know why i waited so long to get my license since bikes have been in the family my entire life. Better late than never though.
  16. Had my "L's" for a few months now. Been poking around in the forums for a while. Finally bought a Bike yesterday - a Honda VTR250. 2003 Model with 10,000k on the clock, Staintune Pipe and Ventura Rack/Bag.

    Thanks for everyones tips, advice and recommendations. See you on the Street!
  17. Heh heh - I guess there are a few of us 'old timers'. Passed the pre-learners last week and simply waiting on finding a new job (redundancies :'() before completing the L's process and buying a bike.

    Talking to the Stay Upright instructor - apparently the majority of learners these days are 'old timers'.

    Has midlife come early this year ?
  18. Yeah, more than half of my class would have been pushing 30 and a few well above that!