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Old/new member in Pakenham Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zauronus, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls, Just thought id say hi!

    As you can see from my join date, im not new to netrider, but havnt been on a bike regularly in a few years..

    The bug has bitten once again, so im making my way back into it.


    My name is Tauren,, i live in pakenham Vic,, havnt got a running bike at the moment, but dad has a few so i pinch em when i can.

    Pretty much used to ride every day for a couple of years, but the bike met the bitumen and thats that..

    all in all just wanted to say hi!
  2. Welcome (back) :).
  3. great choice getting back on the bike, welcome back to the boards, 6 years is a long stretch
  4. Thanks for the kind words!
    Yeah its been a stretch but all good, the bug bit me good so hopefully ill have a new bike in a few weeks!
  5. Hi and welcome back. Can we pinch a few of your dad's bikes as well.
  6. Definitely not! im one of the privileged few!
  7. HI I'm just up the road .
    So hope to see you around the hill's one weekend. let me know what bike you get then I can give you the nod :cool:
  8. welcome back from another local :)
  9. Hey mate,
    Welcome back to Netrider, and congrats on getting back on 2 wheels :)
  10. Welcome back from another local yokel, and make sure you let us know what your riding once you get it.
  11. Yeah the internal debate about a new bike..

    I want a motard,, but i would love a rs250.....mmmmmmm
  12. My mate has one for sale at the moment if your interested PM your number and I will pass them on to him if you like.
    I think he wants between 5k to 6k for it.
  13. one what??
  14. :oops: sorry should of mentioned, he has a RS250 for sale.
  15. Yeeehaaa..
    Get my new bike tomorrow!!!!!!!!
    2005 Ktm 640 lc4 motard!!! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. beauty :)

  17. will do once i have it in my hands!
  18. Pics or it never happened..... :) Congrats !
  19. Ey what was wrong with your bike on one the corners? I saw you pushing it on the other side of the road yesterday on the ride?

  20. and you didnt stop to help? :)