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Old netrider just saying hi :) damov

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by damov, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Well it has been over a year since I last posted on netrider so I thought I would just go all out and say gday.

    Well those of you who know me (not sure if any of you still remember, black with red flames r6, jogging anyones memory?) I have been living in NZ now for about a 8 months.

    Up until 2 months ago I have been without a bike. But because of cheaper prices and less import duties etc here in NZ I was able to buy my dream bike ......... the Ducati 748! Its a 2001 model and she has only done 9000 miles. It also has twim carbon headers so the sound is pure pleasure all the way.

    Anyway enough drooling over my new baby. I have not done a huge amount of riding yet because the weather here in Auckland is like wet, wet and a bit more wet this time of year, nothing like the clear blue skies that sydney is mostly blessed with :) That is one thing I miss for sure!

    Things have been going well here. Work has been good and my other passion "mountian biking" seriously rocks in NZ, makes Australian tracks a joke really.

    So love to hear from some of my old riding buddies. Like hornet and the rest of the crew.


  2. DAMIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome (back) buddy.

    Every time I ride by Murray's garage in Albion Park (just before Macquarie Pass, remember?) I wonder how you've been going. Great to hear from you, hang around now, OK?

    And a pic or two of the bike shouldn't be beyond your skills, surely :LOL:.
  3. Hi ya hornet. Yeah I remember that little section :)

    Yeah I am sure I can rattle off a few pics as soon as we get some clear weather to take the shots.

    Tell you what if your thought the R6 was a thing of beauty, you aint seen nothing! I truly believe the 748 will be a classic bike that people look back on and just go. hmmmm very nice (borat style)

    How have you been? Keeping out of trouble. Hows the netrider seen overthere in Sydney? Still strong or dying off a bit.

    I still remember the first meeting I went too with Tim there were like 3 people. lol

  4. A few of the younger lads and ladies have taken up the challenge of organising rides and social events, and NSW Netrider is in rude good health. We just have to stop people falling off on Learner Rides :roll:.

    Yes. the 748 was a classic, and can only improve with age (as, I hope, we all are :LOL:).
  5. Welcome back and congrats on the new bike :cool:

    Please pass on my best wishes to the Wallabies
  6. Hi Damien ,glad your doing well over there .
    You not the only one missing the blue skys of sydney ,its wet wet wet ,here to.
    Congrats on the new bike bro ,aye. :cool:
  7. Welcome back to the fold.. :grin:
  8. hey buddy, welcome back. we never met but i remember your posts. nice lookin' bike there mate. may the weather dry up and the roads be fun :wink: :p