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Old Naked Italians

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Master Shake, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. So after a 1 1/2 year hiatus from riding (I was studying in Europe for a year and thus sold my bike) i'm now back, have recently acquired my full license and no longer have to contend with any angry creditors knocking on my door.

    Accordingly, i've now started hunting for a 'new' bike and like many others who have made the transition to motorcycling adulthood before me, i'm a little spoilt by choice and uncertain about what bike i want next.

    After doing a fair bit of research (and thanks in no small part to Grumply and some of the other regular contributor's to this section of netrider) i've decided I want a big, naked (and preferably V-Twin) as my next bike.

    Naturally that brings to mind the Suzuki SV650/1000, Honda VTR 1000, Ducati Monster's and Trumpys (drool).

    Unfortunately I don't have the necessary finance for a Triumph or Aprilia Tuono (so you can count out Buells, Benellis etc too) so those will have to wait for another day, but I do like the idea of an older Ducati Monster 900/750. There are a few reasonably priced 1999/2000 750s with 15-25,000kms but I worry about the reliability of older italian bikes and their expensive parts and service costs.

    So I guess what i'm asking is, in spite of how far Ducati's have come, should I still expect to shelve out a fair bit of dosh for a 10yr old Monster in servicing and parts compared to say, a newer (but blander) japanese bike? I mean, I could live with a Kawa ER6-N, but it just doesn't quite have the character or flavour of the Monster and aesthetics are an important factor.

    I find the The Suzuki Sv1000 to be a little plain looking, and I like the look of the VTR 1000, but I'm wary of jumping straight to a 1000 after a year and half off riding (keeping in mind I only had a VTR 250 before that). I know these are all good bikes, but are there any other naked V-Twins I should be considering?

    Sorry for the spiel, I probably could've made this a lot easier by just saying that I am looking for a naked V-Twin (2nd hand) that can be had for $5-7,000 for daily commuting and the occasional weekend run in the twisties.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback guys. I have already searched and read the forum thoroughly, but any extra words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated
  2. Damn, I was hoping to see some pictures of Sophia Loren and Gina Lolabrigida!!! :)
  3. Haha, I was hoping the provocative title might draw a few people in. Feel free to add any pictures which may be relevant to the discussion of these naked italians I speak of (as long as they're not dudes or grandma's)
  4. Welcome back

    Firestorm's got a good look about them. Test rode one with aftermarket pipes and as it's a Vtwin, power rolls on smoothly, and good engine braking too. Negative being poor range - sub 200kms been reported

    Agree with you on the SV's - good do it all bike, but would get the older Ducati

    Bikes are selling really slowly at the moment, so think you should get a good deal.

    Service levels for the older model Ducs are 10,000kms

    How far up "North Shore" are you??

    Can you spin a spanner? By doing your own oil and fluid changes, the workshop would only be doing the shims every 10K and belts every 20K

    Check out Northside Artarmon, ask them how much for a service. Being a naked be a bit cheaper than a faired model.

    Am taking mine to Harts at Manly Vale, great guys, big open workshop and they'll talk sh!t with you and there's always a few hot Italians to drool over.....
  5. See i've always gone to Lloyd Penn in Artarmon but unless he's changed his tune in the last year and a half, then he'll only work on japanese bikes. It's a bit of a shame because he's a fantastic bloke and great mechanic and i'd almost consider buying Jap just so I knew I had a decent mechanic who does a good job and doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

    North Shore would be Lower North Shore, so Manly Vale is only a stone's throw away. Did you end up with a Monster then? If so, what model did you end up getting and how are you finding it?

    Cheers for the insight
  6. Sorry used to be a link to netrider garage.....

    Am too old for naked bikes....have a ST4s. It's a brilliant bike - way too good for me.

    Had a great test ride on a 1000cc Monster from Frasers - another source but prices not that sharp
  7. VTR's are great. From 2003 onwards they had a 19 litre tank which certainly helps with touring, and they also boasted a fuel gauge as well. Pretty good bike, actually. The only thing I didn't like about mine was the fuel range (I had a 1997) and the notchy first gear (changing up and down). I later found that you could solve that problem by going up one tooth on the front sprocket. 20/20 hindsight.

    Honda sold a poultice of the things so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one and probably with some good after-market acessories as well.
  8. Vtr1000 was a great bike, I owned two of them (both pre 2003).

    Fuel range was limiting, on ****** rides i was always the first one looking for a pit stop.

    They fit your price range, super reliable, plenty of them around and like RC36 said, no problem with spares and add ons.

    As for jumping on a big bike.. I would suggest getting into a course, the hart intermediate or similar return to riding type course.

    the vtr is pretty forgiving to ride.
  9. My oldest friend bought a totally mint 99' RSV1000 mille with 30k on the clock for ~$6000.

    It becomes a naked with ten minutes on the allen keys.

    The engine is
  10. Reminds me of a girl I know.

  11. I'll be clear first up and say that I'm looking to sell mine .

    But if HP isn't on the top of your list there are some nice looking Guzzi's out there in the price range you have mentioned. I use mine as a daily commuter and find the shaft drive is a big plus. Servicing is no more expensive than my old GS500 and Motociclo in St Peters know their stuff. Parts are also easy to source locally or if you have the time from the US.