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Old Men (Warning)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by OU818, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. how sad that it's necessary to post such adverts

    do you know where it came from, I can't make out the address stuff along the bottom....
  3. Looks like it says Bahamas at the bottom which also fits in well with the architecture and trees in the reflection. My friend just put it up on her photobucket account.
  4. it's misleading though cause young guys can leave them with all those same problems..... bloody kids seem to so promiscuous nowdays STD's & unwanted pregnancies have to increase as a result
  5. I know I'm always chewing the rag about the good old days, but, you know, unwanted pregnancies have always been with us, but at least today the babies aren't forcibly taken away from their mothers, like they were in their thousands when I was young...
  6. They have done a very good job, there, by that reading.

    It's a pity that in fragmented and factional Africa the same can't be said :(.
  7. Can you explain this for me? not sure if its because im too young, but I know i cant understand where your coming from
  8. When I was young, and right up till very recently, it was seen as a shame on the family for a young girl to have a baby out of wedlock. Parents would send their errant daughters away to somewhere with another member of the family, or, many years ago, to homes run by churches and other organisations, where the girl would have the child, and then turn it over immediately to the care of the organisation. In many cases they were not allowed to hold or even see their new-borns, and certainly never saw them or had contact with them once they went back to their own families.

    Part of the impetus for the current boom in locating one's birth parents has been driven by thousands of these stolen children (and I'm not talking about black children), trying to locate their mothers. Sadly many have died already, and people have lost forever the connection with the mothers that bore them.
  9. Oh. Damn...