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Old member returning

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by devil cv8, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. It's been over 5 years since Ive been on a bike and nearly that long since I was on NR. I commute Goulburn Canberra for work and city parking has worn very thin. Since 1st April I now drive to my son's place north side, and ride his Ninja 650R into the city for work. Really enjoying the bus lane down Belconnen Way and filtering along the GDE as needed.
    If you happen to see an orange Ninja 650R with a tank bag ridden by a big boofy bloke all in black, stay out of my way..lol

    My son has curtailed his riding for a little while while he counts his lucky stars. 140 in a 90 zone, that ended with a section 17 dismissal. no fine, no points. That leaves a perfectly capable bike for me to commute on.
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  2. Howdy and welcome (back) devil cv8devil cv8 . Funny thing about sons. Mine just sold his ride after racking up a few fines which is sad but at least he knew when to give it a break.

    I'm down south, so unlikely to get in your way. Consider yourself lucky. :happy:
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  3. Welcome to NR. A good thing you are doing for your son.............keeping the battery charged.
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  4. Welcome back to two wheels and Netrider devil cv8devil cv8 (y)
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  5. welcome back :) the things we do for our kids :whistle:
    Hope its not to much of a burden
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  6. Welcome :cool:
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  7. Welcome to the forum. Tough being a Dad sometimes!
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  8. Welcome (back)..
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  9. I'll be heading down that way on Thursday morning, will blast you with the horn on the way past.

    welcome back to two wheels, glad you're enjoying it!