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Old man needs help with what Guitar hero

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by matti-san, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. XBOX 360

  2. Playstation2

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  3. WII

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  1. OK I am the old man! My son has told me about a guitar hero set up that he used at skool. It had the usual guitar but also drums and a mike. We have PS2 SingStar so the mike bit doesn't worry me too much but the drum and guitar sounds like a hoot on news year eve or any other excuse for a party, which is a bit at my house.

    So we have XBOX360, WII and PS2.

    Which one do I buy it for and what are your opinions on these and other instrument things.

    So all you youngsters help an old man out. :grin:
  2. i think there are 2 options for games -

    guitar hero - WORLD TOUR

    and ROCK BAND

    both have guitar, drums and the mike for singing

    id go with the xbox 360 version.. ps2 is outdated and wii is just... hmm..not my choice
  3. Its, ok, we're pro-choice here, the Wii is gay ;)

    360 FTW!!1... :LOL:
  4. nerd....!!!one!!!eleven!!!!
  5. Just buy a PS3 and be done with it Matti ;)

    The Wii has issues with the guitar controller and the PS2 is outdated. If you're not going to buy a PS3 then unfortunately the Xbox will have to be the one.

    I recommend Rock Band over Guitar Hero World Tour due to the greater selection of actual Rock songs as opposed to eg: Kenny Rogers on the guitar hero game :roll:

    Either way mate, enjoy. It's a real cack with a few beers in you :D
  6. Thanks guys, yeah I was pretty tempted to buy a PS3 but given that I am on the lookout for a bobber frame at the moment I need to keep some cash in reserve!

    So last night drivng home I dropped into JB hifi and picked up the GH for XBOX 360. It dawned on me that we have 3 XBOX 360s at our house! I love prizes from work :roll:

    So it is now wrapped up under the tree and can't wait for XMAS day to play it, oops let the kids have a turn while I instruct :wink:
  7. Good move, Rock Band drums suck, GH is heaps better to play!

    I'll pay the Kenny Rogers call!!
  8. I used to play guitar hero a lot, then I tried playing it on xbox live and promptly got my ass handed to me by some snot nosed youngster on the other side of the world.....We have a PS3 and a 360, have done so for 12 months and in this house the 360 gets the work out far more than the PS does, there are just more games available for the 360. However Metal Gear Solid 4 was awesome and well worth it being the only game played on the PS3 all year.

    I still prefer PC gaming over consoles. Much more control for FPS games although I am sure that comment will start a debate.
  9. having done extensive research on this subject, I can advise the following

    ALL instruments on Rock Band are cross compatible on Guitar Hero World Tour. So you can buy RB game & package, then buy just GH game & use instruments with both.

    ALL instruments on GHWTare cross compatible on RB. So you can buy GHWT game & package, then buy just RB game & use instruments with both. UNLESS you're using a Ps3, in which case the GHWT drum kit doesn't work at the moment, but a patch is coming out soon.

    The GHWT drums are better than RB drums
    The RB2 drums (which you can import from overseas) are better than GHWT drums cause you can expand the kit by adding 3 cymbals (i.e actual cymbals like the GHWT kit)

    ultimately if you're completely mental (like me) and have too much cash (which i don't) you'd buy the ion Drum Rocker kit instead to use with both games - 2 metal kick pedals, 3 cymbals, and it's actually a stand alone electric kit!!! but it costs $500 bucks...

    it's moments like this my boyfriend reminds me i'm in a REAL band.

    (i'm getting Rock Band for Ps3 for myself for xmas, and will import the RB2 kit to use with it cause it's better)

    for yourself though - GHWT on 360 is a great choice.
  10. Guitar Hero World Tour on PS3 is awesome. Thats the one I have, and couldn't recommend it high enough.
  11. I'm the same, FPS games on PC anyday of the week. The only game I play on my PS3 is Guitar Hero World Tour, I purchased it for the blue ray player!

    Which FPS games do you play?
  12. i use my Ps3 for uncharted, warhawk, GH, singstar and buzz.
    oh and the lego games.
    oh and racing games

    PC is used for all other gaming.
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