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Old Jeans Vs New jeans.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. My dad rode when he was my age and him and all his mates always wore denim for protection. he has told me so many stories about coming off the bikes he owned and his denim jacket and pants saved his skin.

    Even my old barber who rides told me he had a trusty pair of jeans when he was my age that saved his legs plenty of times.

    Now days all i hear is normal Jeans are no protection, get ones with kevlar or leather inserts.

    What happened to jeans to make them so unsafe?
  2. the speed at which we can now corner, and generally the speed we can do these days in general.
    also, there was a time when kevlar duds werent available, so the thick denim (that jeans used to be made from) was the only real alternative to leather.
  3. I'm of an age when we only had denim to ride in, leather was something that people who had money could use.

    The denim that Levi and Wrangler used then was probably 4 times as thick
    as the "fashion" denim that's available now and yes it did protect, I tested it at least 10 times in my teenage years.

    When washed it used to take me about ten minutes to get 'em on and the I
    was walking like a robot for another ten, trying to get them moving.

    I've got no idea if work weight denim is still available now, Levi's were called
    "sea dogs" I think.

    I never needed anything other than those jeans, even in a british winter, that
    should give an idea of how thick they were.
  4. Keep away from stretchy jeans. The synthetic material will melt and burn into your skin in the event of a fast slide on hot tarmac.
  5. dont you bloody start :evil:
  6. Old denims vs Modern day fashionable denim = no comparison.
    IMHO, get some kevlars if You wish to wear Jeans.