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Old Helmet recycling???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. I am very sure that this topic has been covered before. Or am I asking a very silly question????

    When I brought my bike six months ago, a friend (ex-rider) gave me his helmet. I kindly said that the helmet didn't really fit my head. I got myself a new helmet anyway. I forgot about this helmet until last Sunday when I found it at the bottom of my wardrobe. It had a manufacture date of Aug/1998. (I won't let anyone wear this helmet.)

    Rather than just throwing it out in the tip, is there anyone who recycles old helmets into something (not "recondition" helmets if there is such a thing). (Or Similar to how we recycle/safely dispose of mobile phone batteries). Do old helmets get stripped down and have a 2nd life as some other component (eg old newspapers become toilet paper).

    Will this old helmet become nothing more than just landfill?

    PS: Where is the thread for repairing/recycling old leather jackets. My friend also gave me a leather jacket?
  2. Fibreglass and carbon fibre can't be recycled - and even though the polystyrene foam can be recycled, there's no money in it (which is why domestic recycling won't touch polystyrene). You could probably recycle a plastic shell if you removed everything else but given the small number of riders I don't think helmets are going to put a significant burden on landfill sites.
  3. if its fibre glass, donate it to an airbrush artist to practice on :)

    My stepdad has got a shelf in his shed he puts all his old helmets on, and a pic of him and each matching bike, looks cool, sorta like his own little history shelf. 14 old helmets all lined up on display shows how the fashion/technology has changed over the years too.
  4. What a great Idea, think Ill do the same! :)
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