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Old Garaged Bike help

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by lellz, May 14, 2013.

  1. Hey, new here

    recently just got my L's(and on Ps now) and pulled an old zr550 out of the shed...sat there for about 5 years, took a bit of fiddling to get it running, plugs, old fuel in the lines, and it runs fine now, but i don't have much money and i wanted to know specifically what i should get checked or do myself to make sure it lasts a year(to P2) or get it running better (horrible cold starts and stalling at idle) i just wanna know in order of like a priority of what you would check on a bike un moved for so long...don't want it to just blow up i've done about 5K on it and it's at almost 90K

    i've worked for cars for school for a couple of years, so i can follow a manual, and tinker, only thing i planned to do soon was remove the carbies and soak and clean them in cleaner

  2. Well whatever you do you're also going to need new tyres, new air cleaner, and also new hydraulic fluid...
  3. Change all fluids. Oil all cables. Grease all lever pivots. When you clean the carbs you may need to replace fuel bowl gaskets if they are the rubber o'ring type, as these dry out. Also check the fuel tap for leaks, can sometime leak when disturbed after sitting by moving lever position. Jack bike up & spin the wheels to see if calipers have seized up & have excessive drag. Also while spinning rear wheel, check drive chain for any seized links or noisy operation.
  4. Keep an eye on the brakes for fluid leaks and dragging pads. The brake seals will be living on borrowed time and will deteriorate once you start working them.
  5. I have the same bike but a B4 - 1994 model.
    Tanks tend to rust but you can keep ahead of it a bit. Common that if they sit for a while that the carbs will gum up and possibly have rust deposits in them.
    Cold starts and idle shouldn't be an issue with them so the carb clean is a good idea.
    First up (I did this) is strip and clean the Carbs and put new kits through them along with a flush of the tank and fit an inline fuel filter.
    You can do a reasonable carb balance while rebuilding them but they might later need a balance on the bike.
    Check the carb boots for cracks or perishing while the carbs are off the bike.
    Make sure no fuel gets into the air box or drips from the vent hose. This was an issue for me with the bike sitting for ages before I got it and I ended up with an air box full of fuel that easily ran into the engine and diluted the oil. Part of that was that someone had forgot to put an oring in one of the carbs.
    Throw a bit of Startron stabiliser in the tank.
    After that just basic service items like plugs, oil, filters, chain clean and lube etc.
    Brake fluid I'd flush. I also fitted new lines. Check if callipers might need a rebuild as mentioned.
    These bikes are almost bullet proof.
    A major improvement can be had from a change to progressive springs in the front along with new, lower viscosity fork oil.

    If you haven't already sign up to the Zephyr Zone forums.

    Adding: and check your fuel tap. Maybe pull it, clean the poor excuse for a filter in it and put a petcock repair kit through it.
  6. As well as starting with fresh oil, do an early oil change - maybe 1000 kays or even less. 5 years is a long time, and humidity can cause oxidation (rust) inside the engine too. Get rid of whatever muck has accumulated, scraped, off and is now circulating in your oil. A red or browny red tinge to the oil is a giveaway. Jewelers rouge is iron oxide. It's red, and very abrasive. Watch for it. It might not be an issue, but can be.