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Old Farts Club

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sparrar, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. In the racing section vic recently referred to the "old farts club". :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    While I am assuming I am in it and he used farts as a plural, can anyone tell me who else they think would be in it? Just for fun. :grin:

  2. Anyone over 50
  3. That rules me in. My old farts stink too.
  4. *snicker*

    I think I like Smee's definition (well for another year anyway!).
  5. You have a little way to go, zrx.
  6. I am in it, and I am not 50.
    what ever happened to the ofarc idea? we got our patches and then it just stopped.
  7. Did someone tell you...or did you already know?? :rofl:
  8. think jason knew that ......

    i'm a long way from joining :LOL:
  9. I guess you could be an old fart...and have a mowheek!!! :-k

    ...oh!!.....me too!!!!...long way away!!! :wink:
  10. Dang it, I was feeling good, being 5 years off membership... but then someone 7 years younger is in it... confused now. ;)
  11. I'm in. I'm old and I fart so it looks like I meet all the membership criteria.
  12. ... and you thought it was my Cobra pipes making all the noise?

    Having recently satisfied the membership criteria, I must say the freedom of open-air personal transport takes on a whole new meaning. :cool:
  13. My daughter and son in law recently gave me a t shirt that has a pic of an "old guy on a bike" with the caption "old guys rule". :?

    And I'm not 50.........yet. At least she knows who's in charge....her mother :LOL:
  14. From memory one of the originating members had some personal issues, then left the forum shortly after. Grommit appears to have fallen off the radar.