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Old Fart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Muttly, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Brisbane and currently have an 06 FJR1300 (yes, without the clutch...no, it's not an automatic...yes, I do have a manual licence).

    I can't believe I haven't checked out this site before now considering I've been riding bikes since before the internet was invented (unless you really do believe that the US Army developed it in 1300BC).

    I'll have to catch up with some of you guys at the Coffee Club in Milton and I hope the third Sunday rides are still going up here in QLD, I'd like to check them out too (that's if I cn keep up with you youngins).

    Looking forward to talking to you guys & gals.

  2. Welcome to the Forums Muttly, it doesn't matter how long you've been riding, there's always something going on in here :wink: :grin:
  3. Welcome aboard Muttly, I for one would be interested in your thoughts on the new FJR1300, yes, the one without the clutch, and no not the automatic.

    p.s. Is there a Dick Dastardly or a Penelope Piss Stop around somewhere.
  4. hi muttley, from what i can tell yes the coffee nights are still on at milton - there's a topic bout them in the rides news forum. don't know how many showed up last night - i was planning to go (my first time) but didn't get there - am hoping to make it next friday.

    don't know bout the third sunday rides though. if u find out more let me know. i've only had my bike for a few weeks and still trying to work out some of the different groups that ride to find one to ride with.

    catch you round..
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    If I could legally marry a bike (and I hear you'll soon be able to do that in Tasmania) it would be this one. Not because of the computer clutch thing but because it's just a damn fine all-round bike. I've come from 600cc sports bike and I can't believe how much power and how easy it is to ride.

    The clutch thing is not hard to get use to as most people think it would be (I think I'll have more problems getting used to a manual clutch again after this bike) and there have been times at the end of a long ride (when you hit city traffic again) that I've really appreciated it. However, other times when I've thought, "you're a bloody computer, you should have engaged better than that." Overall I'm wondering if it's just another thing that can go wrong with the bike at some stage. Time will tell.
  6. have to say (as a real newbie) the thought of not having to work so hard on the clutch thing has some appeal for me - particularly since i'm still building up by doing short rides round my local streets :grin: but i reckon it'll be a bit like my car - like having to change gears on really long rides to have something to do occassionally.

    but, if its computer-controlled it'll go wrong - and it'll probably be something you won't be able to fix yourself - again if it is anything like how cars have gone..... :LOL:
  7. Well Kezza01 you still have to change gears, you just don't have to pull in the clutch to do it (mind you a lot of racers don't use the clutch anyway).

    There isn't a lot on this bike that I think I could fix anyway, but you're right, if it has the word CHIP in it, if anything does go wrong you can bet (A) It's going to be expensive and (8) It's going to happen a week outside of warranty.
  8. heheh, that's Penelope PIT Stop, but I know what you mean....

    Welcome to the Sniggering Hound, and the mighty 1300 Yamaha :)
  9. Thanks Paul,

    My ex-wife was a penelope piss stop every 15 minutes.
  10. You won't have any problems with teh computer, automotive computers are ridiculously reliable, and true failures are extremely rare(yes, many computers are replaced by mechanics and backyarders, but they are seldom the problem). I personally know of at least three occasions I or a family member was told a computer needed replacing, and it was merely a sensor.
    The main things that go wrong with computer controlled systems in an automotive environment are sensors and actuators, and they are always relatively cheap and easy to replace.
    People just have to get past the fear of computers due to lack of knowledge of them. The systems are easy to work on, and the computer wil even tell you where the problem is!
    Anyway, welcome to the board. Big sports tourers rock, no matter what brand!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Hey old man! Welcome. :grin:

    I don't think I would like an auto clutch. I like to have the executive decision over everthing. (a control freak as some have told me) Anyway, I have never found the clutch to be a problem at all. It seems like they are just trying to over complicate things just to squeeze a few(or alot) extra dollars out of their customers. :mad:

    With my luck, it'll probably engage when stopped at the lights and throw me under a truck. Nah, you can keep that thanks. :wink:

    Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  12. Yeah, I suppose you're right. I had a guy that told me once that I needed to replace the "Black Box" only to find out it was an indicator relay (about $1.50) that was causing the problem.

    I do usually like to wait until the kinks are worked out of the technology before I buy it, but I guess I'll be one of the kink testers this time.
  13. Welcome Muttly

    Have heard about the new FJR, but you're the first I've encountered whose put down their cash on one :cool:
  14. Thanks for the welcome Toecutter. And a lot of cash it was. I got a good deal though and so far no regrets at all. :grin:
  15. Welcome Muttly. Another Brisbanite here and also new to the forums. Enjoy :biker:
  16. Whoo-hoo! QUEENSLANDER!!! Welcome!
    Hope to see you at the Coffee Club Friday night!
    There are loads of bikers there (sometimes up to 50 I am told) so we don't actually know who are Netrider members.
    I went up to three guys last week and introduced myself asking if they were Netrider people. They weren't :oops: and looked at me like I was some sort of nut! So, if I don't introduce myself- I am not rude- just cautious! :roll:
  17. Welcome to the forum, it's good to see another 'older' rider on here :)
  18. Wendy, get in contact with Vic and get some Netrider cards, don't leave home without them :LOL:.
  19. Good idea hornet! Do i get commision?
  20. Welcome Muttly. My son calls me an old fart so i must be one as as well.
    :grin: You may not be able to legally marry your bike, but you sure as heck can live in sin :wink: