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Old fart - new cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bazl, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Time to check out next bike after long time off the saddle. Not into rocket ships so cruiser is the go, i think. Question is, start with a 250 (v25 or xvs) to get back into the groove, then resell for minimal loss in 12 months or so OR go straight to m50 or xvs650. I'm 5'10 and 90kg so 250 should not be uncomfortable. Fuel consumption is not that much diiferent as far as i can tell (around 25k/l as opposed to 20k/l )Weight is similar for each class and i am happy to do a course. I'm sure there must be a bunch of like-minded riders out there, any advice appreciated.

  2. Bazl,
    Start with a 650 naked or trailie....cheap/cheap to crash/more purposeful.
    I'm about your age,have what is best discribed as a cruiser built around a naked frame...but I'm thinking of trading it for a naked(with pegs)or a large trailie/Adventurer bike to get a better riding position,as I'm 6'5",with a lower back problem.
  3. Hey Bazl,

    There's some similarities between my position and yours. Five months ago I was starting out on L's and wondering if I should go for a 250cc cruiser or a bigger LAMS bike like the XVS650. All the advice at the time was to step straight into the 650, but I went with the smaller bike. I love the VT250C but there's no doubt that it's something you outgrow fairly quickly - and I'm just learning. I don't regret the decision for second, and I'll get my money back no problem, but I'm kinda looking forward to the next step up. You're not new to riding, so I'd definitely think hard about the bigger bike. If you go the smaller bike, I suspect you'll be itching for a change inside 12 months.
  4. Bazl.

    Gone from nearly 20 years in a car, to a Daytona 1200, and loving it. It all about controling the right hand, getting use to things again, and being careful. I'd suggest you get what you want and don't lose any money.

    I did go for a refresher course beore I rode it though.


  5. My 2 cents would be dont bother with the 650, go the 1100 straight up. I got the 750 and wish I went bigger from the start.
  6. I think go straight for the 650, the idea of the 250 for a training bike is because most people in that situation are young, fearless males who can get themselves into enough trouble on a 250 let alone a bigger bike.

    You don't want women in Camrys leaving you in their wake at the lights do you?
  7. Hi Bazl .
    I went from a GS500F LAMS bike for my L's and then got a full licence after my P's test.

    So really my riding skills are as good as any P plater around australia.

    BUT ,i just got the M50 first time on a cruiser and i can tell you its , a piece of cake to ride ,i can't tell you how easy it is ,its a 800cc ,but don't go out of third gear and it will be as lame as any 250 .
    Mate really i wouldn't waste you time on a 250 , get the bike delivered to your house spend a few days riding around the local back streets ,and you will be fine.
    Its about the same size and the yami 650 ,but alittle quicker off the mark and quicker once you wind it out ,but you don't rev it and it won't bite you .
    Its not a sports bike ,so it isn't going to do awheely out from under you.
    The M50 ,WiNS ALL the middle weight cruiser reviews and and $11,300 ,only $300 -$800 more then the 750 and 650cc bikes.
    After never being on a cruiser before ,and 2 minutes on it ,i would of rode it the WA ,not a problem.
    It's heavey to get off the stand ,like the 650 yami ,but once you got it up right ,you can push it around ,while sitting on it ,like any 250 and with both feet on the ground ,you really got controll of the thing when at the lights ect.

    Hope this help you alittle.
  8. Wow, great response - thanks to all. Certainly seems like the verdict is unanimous, all that remains now is to convince the CEO Domestic Affairs that fiscals need to be directed to this important area. After all, all these netriders cant be wrong!!
  9. bazl,
    you had/have a gs750?
    i love those bikes.

    you wont be happy on a 250 for long
  10. Did have, fair while ago now. Got my license on it in Townsville, mid 80's when the rules were a bit different. I wont forget the experience, the bike was stock orange with a huge front fairing and tall screen. This feature unfortunately made it a bit of a dog, and fuel consumption was horrendous. The licensing dude was on a 500 honda and there was no way I could keep up with him. Maybe thats why I passed! Still, the bike was solid and reliable, I enjoyed the time I owned the bike and as always would probably do things a little different if I could revisit the experience.
  11. Hey Bazl

    Since your just round the corner somewhere,if you want to get a feel to decide if a 250 is your thing I can always pop round with mine
  12. If your going for a 250 cruiser, your going to out grow it very quickly, belive me, im talking from experience, its best to get a bigger bike right off the bat, since its a cruiser, it wont over whelm you, just nice fat linear torque curves.
  13. Have not ridden the new Suzuki, but the old VL800 Cruiser is lovely....
  14. First up, I'm not really a cruiser man, although I did own a Honda Valkyrie 'Power Cruiser' once. I recently scored a long ride on the Hyosung 650 cruiser, and admit to being impressed. It had reasonable ground clearance, top brakes, and just felt totally 'un-cruiser' like when ridden briskly, but all cruisy when you wanted it. It has a Suzuki designed engine with a solid reliability record and is outstanding value for money. I also think it looks cool.

  15. The hyo has got the gt650 motor in it, same power just geared differently, so its quite quick for a cruiser.
  16. Cruisers

    Tsk Tsk Tsk....Whilst everyone is recommending some great bikes, the gentlemen is asking for a good cruiser.

    Whilst my heart says BMW F650 adventure bike, although that is not a cruiser,

    Here is my list of learner cruisers you should look at. Now sure what the WA limits are, but here in NSW:

    1) Yamaha XV250, XV535 Viragos and XVS650 Dragstar / V-Star

    2) Honda Shadow TA200, VT400, VLX600 (VT600), There are Honda Rebel 125s and 250s but they are beyond small, and probably more for busy Japanese alleyways. There is also the Vrod / Kwaka Eliminator looking Honda V25 Custom (V25C) or as its also called, the VT250C. Not to be confused with the Spada (VT250) which is more Duke Monsterish.

    3) Kawasaki Eliminator EL250, Eliminator V (VN250) Unfortunately thats as big as they get until over 700cc (800cc Vulcan)

    4) Suzuki Marauder 250, Suzuki Savage Thumper (S650), Unfortunately the same applies, the Suzuki Boulevard is 800cc.

    If WA permits a 660cc limit with 150kw per tonne, and you want a cruiser that will last you till your P's and 2-6 months of your restrictions or even for life, then my recommendation is to seek out the 1988-1997 Yamaha Virago XV535 or the 1988-Onwards Honda Shadow VLX 600 (VT600). The Shadow is pretty good, sporting an OHC twin sparkplug 3 valve cylinder head 45 degree Vtwin with single & a half crank pin (other jap cruisers use 2 crank pins, Harley uses 1), which gives the closest sound to a Harley, but with the refineness of a Japanese motor.

    The XV535 and VT600 are pocket rocket cruisers, sleepers if you will, they'll do the 0-400 in about mid 14 seconds, whilst not fast in the motorcycle world, they are fast for a learner bike (in NSW). My mate was able to keep up in his VT600c shadow when another mate on a VFR400 decided to race off..

    The Eliminator V (VN250) and Honda V25 (based off a Honda Magna Veefour cruiser) are about the same size as the XV535 and VT600 but are 250cc and lighter, so you get mid size cruiser looks but able to pass Learner 250cc limits (should you live in VIC). They look horn, and if you are just seeking a learner cruiser that looks good, they are it.

    If you have plans to modify your cruiser ala OCC, then the VT600c is the cruiser that you can customize the most. (cruisercustomizing. com) etc...

    Not sure if this helps as it is dribble, but I am a fan of all bikes, but got my L's and passed my P's on a 600cc cruiser.

    And before people say cruisers are sh!t and I am a moron (which is true though), I am off my P's soon and am looking forward to getting a VTR 1000 Firestorm or CBR600F depending, but things always blow out and could end up on a totally different bike. Also ridden 05' CBR600RR but you didn't hear that as that is not the right thing to do until later....
  17. I'm off to a good start....

    Biggest way to make a fool of yourself is to type a long post without reading alot of what the others wrote!!!

    A decent capacity midsizer should do you though. The Vulcan and Boulevard have alot of go for what they are..

    Kwaka Vulcan 800, Suzuki Boulevard 800, M50, Honda Shadow VT600/750, Yamaha VStar 650

    If you want a cruiser that can do 13's get a Harley Sporster 1200 with power commander efi edit and slip on pipes.

    I'll shut up now.
  18. You learning quick son. :grin:

  19. I would recommend a Yamaha XVS 1100, I had a 650 and after only 3 months had to trade it for a 1100. Now the 1100 is being replaced by a brand new '07 1600.
  20. This is a pretty old thread and I wonder if the deed has been done.

    I've got the trusty vt 750 shadow and I love it.
    definately not a speed machine, but a nice relaxed cruiser.
    plenty of bling and easy to ride and service.(just like me :LOL: :LOL: )
    have a look in the garage