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Old drunk guy: 0 vs BMW: 1

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Phanoongy, May 27, 2007.

  1. A dumb ass drunk thought he would try run right in the path of my brother in laws bike…he managed to keep the bike up but the drunk knocked one of the mirrors clean off and put a major bend in the right side crash bar (where the siren sits on the side of the BMW's…..)the drunk was lucky that my brother in law was quick enough to swerve as far as he did to stop a clean head on that would of killed the guy and most probably sent my brother in law over the handlebar of his bike….dumb ass drunks…
    from the sounds of it...he is going to be very sorry when he sobers up in hospital...In my opinion he is sooo lucky he did this in front of a bike and not a car or truck…or he would have been dead...as they say look before you leap…and don’t act like a tool and only look 1 way crossing a 2 way street

    on a side note...at least 3 people gave there names backing up that the drunk was fully in the wrong , so the worlds not going to hell quite as bad as some may think :cool:

  2. kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, birds, koalas and what else do we have to look out for on aussie roads??

  3. Well according to research, its more likely than not that he was in fact a wee bit pi$$y....


    Two out of every three Australian road deaths among male pedestrians aged 15 to 54 are attributable to alcohol or other drugs, according to new research.

    Commenting on a report prepared by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Transport Parliamentary Secretary Senator Ron Boswell said the public needed to know of the dangers of mixing alcohol and road use as a pedestrian.

    "For every ten male pedestrians in the 15 to 54 age group who die on our roads, about seven are routinely found to have a blood alcohol concentration way above the legal driving limit," Senator Boswell said.
  4. If the story end up in a paper, send it to the moron Harold Scruby from the pedestrian council who thinks only 4wd and cars cause pedestrian accidents.
  5. Ohhh No no no

    You have it all wrong, its all about speed.

    Don'tcha ever listen to the TV/radio.... SPEED kills.

    Have I gotta tell you everything sheeeeshh :roll:
  6. the government should impound him for 2 days :) damn ped hoons.
  7. Maybe instead of having the sweet little rosey cheeked schoolgirl, innocently chasing her netball onto the road before bein struck by a speeding vehicle, TAC could trial an ad of a rotten drunk, tunnel visioned idiot, staggering his way across the road to the next watering hole....?
    It may be a little more realistic of how many of the pedestrian deaths and injuries occur
  8. They have those is Sydney. Saw one after me and a mate stumbled out of Jackson's on George blind drunk and pissed ourselves laughing at it.
  9. Arse, don't make me get smee
  10. Someone mention Arse???????????? :grin:
  11. The obvious solution is front number plates on all pedestrians.
  12. :rofl:

    my thought exactly
  13. +drunk wombats
    +drunks riding wombats
  14. And they have it all wrong too. Speed thrills, it's the impact that kills. :wink:
  15. Maybe this should all be posted to Harold. I'm sure he will come up with some wonderful excuses about why it is a drunk's right to run out onto the road as a pedestrian and that it is up to drivers/riders to account for drunk idiots wandering around. Interestingly, I was pulled over by a cop a fair while back in Oxford street one night for a questionable yellow light(didn't get booked) and she said I should be riding slower because of all the drunks around! Tell that to the cabs that were speeding everywhere and driving erratically trying to pick up fares.

    This is another part of my theory that if people remember the basics of crossing a road that they were taught as a kid ie. look right, then left then right again, then when they are drunk, they may automatically have a look and stagger to a stop before walking out onto the road. But because people are so used to just walking straight across without looking, that is what happens when they are drunk.