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Old dog...new wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FangIT, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Have had a ZZR600, then a CBR600 for the past 15 years. Just picked up a KLR650 but need more power! Have come here to pick brains!! And talk a bit of shit. G'day!

  2. Welcome to NR :)
  3. G'day!
    plenty of good brains on NR to pick as well ! Been great assistance for me.

    as for talking shit...we have it by the bucket full too
  4. why the klr choice? just asking.. welcome to NR
  5. Good question Goddie & one that I evaluated for a long time.

    A few reasons:
    1. Can take it on rides up in the high country, Jamieson, Howqua, The Bluff, Howitt High Plains, Dargo etc. It'll handle the dirt and 4wd tracks better than a V-Strom or sports bike.
    2. I only have a 10k ride into work (Yarraville to Collingwood), mainly along Footscray Road so for commuting, It is more comfortable than the CBR. Handles back streets and bumpy inner suburban roads better than the CBR.
    3. Bigger tank, more mileage.
    4. Won't cost an arm & leg to fix if it's dropped at low speed (like a CBR600RR or similar - potential of write off after small stack).
    5. With a few extras bolted on, It'll be more robust than a sports bike.
    6. KLR over BMW F650 GS because of cost. KLR over DR650 for creature comforts & looks. Over V-Strom for tougher tracks.
    7. Cost & Longevity. I picked up a 2010 KLR with 14 thou k's on it for $5750!! It should easily last me 10 years with minimum problems.

    1. Lack of speed at lights.
    2. Width of bars in tight traffic.
    3. Bit of buffeting on highway.
    4. Street Cred...Not nearly as cool or aggressive as a sports bike!! (probably a good thing for someone in their mid 40's, 2 kids & a mortgage).

    With a few mods, It should be up to adequate speed around traffic.

  6. sounds like more plus's then minus's to me, sounds like a great choice!! :) pop down one sat morn and show it off, a couple of motards there too
  7. I like the way you think man!!
    Come down show it off one Saturday morning session (look in ride and event announcements under VIC).
    I test road a KLR650 once, good bike.
  8. Consumables will be a bit cheaper too (tyres etc).

    Kernel, Goddie....thanks. Will check out the Sat morning ride info & drop past to say g'day! Cheers.