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Old car restoration enthusiasts.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Found these gems in Erica last Friday.
    There seems to be lots of good parts including engines, gearboxes, rims etc.
    Someone out there in cyber land may just be looking for just that part.






  2. Wowsers, neglected but interesting; seems like someone had a utility/station wagon fetish

    OK Netriders, how many of these (at least) 50 year olds can you name and date?
  3. [​IMG]

    FPV Team for 2010 :rofl:
  4. the blue XP doesnt look too bad.

    Classic canopy too...... :LOL:
  5. LOL........The one on the left is almost the right color for Team Vodafone, just a shade off.
  6. Well, you're Paul...
  7. So now you've named him are you gonna date him? :p
  8. Carbon dating...?
  9. They are mostly Ford Mainline utes, from the mid 50's.

    That sidevalve v8, with no plugs , would be fun to fix, but you can bet it's buggered.
  10. I reckon that it most of them would be past of restoration.
  11. It's suprising what can be restored.
  12. Nothing's past restoration if you are prepared to throw money at it. Read some of the UK classic car mags; they rebuild a 1934 Alvis from a door sill and a speedo cable over there :LOL:

    The big issue with that lot is, are they WORTH restoring? I would suggest only the Blitz truck would be a candidate; even the XP, which appears to be in the best condition, was just a bread-and-butter sedan when new......
  13. Yep, i want the Blitz, and the utes.
  14. For some perverse reason the XP is seen as desirable. A well restored sedan can go as high as $25K - the coupe even higher. Just goes to show there's one born every minute. :roll:
  15. They would the people that buy Harleys right ???
  16. Don't start the Harley shit. Different things suit different folks.

    Humans are not sheep.
  17. Some interesting stuff there but are they for sale or are they "gunna do them up one day" cars. First pic shows a 49/50 Ford ute then 2 mainlines about 56, one below is a Dodge/Plymouth ute around 55, next looks like Dodge but has a47 or so Buick bonnet in the back (where is the rest of the Buick?), one with the lowline canopy is an AP3 Chrysler Wayferer (Royal) ute, Ford sidevalve V8, about a 53 Customline, the XP sedan and what looks liek a 56 or 57 Customline, then the Blitz (Ford version?) Most look like major restos but have lots of good parts. Anything can be restored, at a cost! Is there a shed full of old bikes too?