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Old but not out

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Doug Smith, May 12, 2015.

  1. HI. Getting back on a bike after far too many years. Bought a Yamaha XVS 650 Classic. Should be interesting as never ridden a cruiser before. Funny thing is my last road bike was a Yamie XJ650 shaft drive back in the 80's. Ridden quads and trials off raod since then but looking forward to this. Just fixing a few bits for Safety Cert and should be on the road in no time. Not looking forward to cleaning all the bright stuff though :( Safe riding all. Cheers.

  2. Howdy and welcome to NR Doug SmithDoug Smith . Stay safe and enjoy your new bike.
  3. G day doug welcome I remember the xj650 they were a good bike ,enjoy the return to the road .
  4. Thx for the welcome. looking forward to first ride and lots of interesting reading on this site. Stay upright.
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  5. Welcome Doug
    I go back to an earlier Yamaha than either of them, see my Avatar!
    Anyways, enjoy the return, there's nothing like it.
  6. Hi Paul,
    As do I. First Yamie was an XJS400 but first road bike was an already old Suzuki 360 twin I got in the early 70's. Sold it and went trail biking and motocross for a while and picked up the 400 around 1982. I own a massive Honda 110 scooter which lives in Vietanm as I go there with my family as often as possible. Pretty useless here but big over there. Funny thing is that it is much faster with other riders on it - couldn't be the middle age spread surely. Dying to get on the 650 but some nerves I must admit. Cheers.
  7. Welcome to the forum Doug :)

    Tell us the truth... you got rid of the XJ650 because of tank rust didn't you? ;)
  8. Was one of the lucky ones and it was a great bike. One of teh few black ones around. Had it BC (before children) and sold it '89 after first child.
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  9. I've heard this frequently...folk getting rid of motorbikes with the arrival of children.

    Didn't anybody tell any of you what causes the children?

    I had it explained to me at a fairly young age, and, ever since, I have been very careful.

    Oh, aye and welcome Doug.
  10. Howdy Doug, welcome to the forum and back to riding :) Great bike!
  11. Welcome to NR... Don't worry about the old age bit, we're all young here.

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  12. G'day Doug, welcome to NR. Nice bright stuff!
  13. Hey Doug, welcome on board, and back to the world of two wheels
  14. welcome aboard to NR , i had an xvs650 and was a comfy ride, the bling looks great when sparkling and you get the looks :) enjoy it
  15. Thx for the welcome. Not worried about getting older - more worried about the day it stops :) cheers
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  16. Didn't buy it for the looks - not. Thx for the welcome
  17. Long overdue. Thx
  18. Thx. Bought more stuff to keep it glossy than I have for the missus. Been put on notice - bike or her. Decisions, decisions
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  19. Appreciate all the welcomes. Look forward to riding again (just waiting for safety cert to get it registered). Seems like plenty of reading ahead looking at the forum list. Cheers
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