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Old bloke, new to bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Insomniac, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Gday guys and gals...hope you don't mind me jumping on board.

    I'm on the wrong side of 50 (but honestly I don't look THAT old - yeah I know this is not RSVP), but new to bikes. Got my L's and first bike, actually a scooter, about 3 months ago, then four weeks later got a Suzuki GN250 and then two weeks ago bought a GS500, which I dare say will be the last bike I buy, for at least a while. It was with some trepidation (and a bit of flak from the missus) that I took to the streets on a motorbike. Got to say I love riding the bike, and now hate getting in a car. Ride everyday to work Dulwich Hill to St Leonards. Hopefully will soon start doing some longer rides.

    Lots for me to learn,and am sure this place will help with my learning. Cheers.
  2. Welcome on board Insomniac and I say one can never be too old or young to ride on 2 wheels.

    A whole new world awaits in front of you.
  3. G'day Mate

    Fun Ha!
  4. Dulwich Hill to St Leonards is a pretty daunting ride to start out with

    better than sweating on a train over the same journey, though, eh :LOL:??

  5. The train...used to catch it...I'll take the bike anyday. I don't find the commute too bad. I come back via the Gladesville Bridge (save on tolls) which can be a bit of shite fight with lane changes and filtering going up the bridge.

    I am thinking of riding to Canberra in a couple of weeks, just before getting my P's....umm should I? I feel reasonably sensible and reasonably confident. Just worried about others on the road. I would need to build up my protective clothing list..maybe I'll post in another section of the forums.
  6. you can ride anywhere you like, but just accept that that trip is on all 110kph road and you'll be doing a lot less and have to be extra careful as a result....
  7. hey maybe you can help me with parking advice in nth Sydney. I will be looking to begin riding from Croydon Park to Nth Sydney for work once my bike gets delivered. tight-ass misers at work wont let me put my bike downstairs in the underground car park because the call-centre people next door arent allowed to...$&*%^$#

    i know there is a couple of small allocated parking areas on the corner of denison st and mount st, but that is the wrong side of the pacific highway for me (i work down near the nth sydney station)

    anywhere i can park for free close to where i am working? cheers

    p.s. might end up tagging along with you on your route in the morning! i was also planning on riding the gladesville bridge route to avoid the rip-off toll!!
  8. As I work in St Leonards, not real sure about the Nth Sydney parking spots. I do know there is a fairlly sizable parking allotment for bikes on the lane near Berry St Shopping Centre (think it is Berry Lane) near where it joins Mount St. This is on the other side of the Highway to the station though.

    I ride in most days about 7-7.15am over through Leichhardt or Annandale and over Anzac Bridge.
  9. cool. yeah i have sussed out that berry st tavern parking and it is on the wrong side of the highway for me. went for a walk at lunch today and found quite a few motorcycle parking zones adjacent to the mary mackillop chapel + school (nth sydney)so that may have to be my answer.

    i'd be travelling at that time as well on a rotating schedule 3 days of 1 week, then 2 days of the following week, and back again...

    also, with regards to the return journey, have you considered the River Road run to the gladesville bridge rather than travelling down pacific highway? could prob knock about 10mins off return journey and less traffic as well.

    lane filtering across the bridge is gonna suck :p, i might end up doing gladesville there and back depending on how it goes
  10. Thats the way I go.

    I ride a blue Suzuki GS500 , my black helmet has SIGNWAVE (my business name) on it. Give me a couple of toots if you see me.
  11. will do
  12. Welcome mate better late then never i say.
    I would possibly put off canbera till u get you ps as 80 is prety slow not that 90's much faster.
    Its up to you if a wana do it then do it,its all about the freedom
    Also i find people do alot more dangerous things to get around a l plater as tbey presume your slow an dont want to get "stuck" behind you.
  13. Welcome to the forum