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Old bloke (53) new member, Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bikeman, May 2, 2016.

  1. Back on a motorbike after many years not. Also ride a pushbike - not sure if I'm addicted to two wheels or Coffee & raisin toast....work a 4 day week & looking for week day riders to Mt Glorious etc,

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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR bikemanbikeman, from a frozen Mexican in blasted Victoria. There's a whole thread on here somewhere about coffee, so you'll fit right in. Enjoy being back on the bike! :happy:
  3. G'day and welcome, bikemanbikeman. Raisin toast and a ride; not a bad way to spend a few hours mid-week.
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  4. cheers
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  5. thanks mate
  6. Welcome bikemanbikeman :cool:

    A coffee lover? You'll fit right in here :)
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  7. bikemanbikeman, how long have you had your Tracer? What do you think of it? It strikes me as one of those versatile, great-value-for-money bikes. There was a demo model for sale at my local Yamaha dealer and I did think hard about buying it.
  8. Howdy bikemanbikeman, welcome to the forums and back to life on two wheels. Agree with your view on raisin toast and coffee being an essential part of any ride. But calling a 53 year old "an Old bloke" is a tad harsh methinks :happy:

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on the Tracer too, as I've been eying this bike as my potential next ride.
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  9. welcomed aboard :) young man
  10. Ive had it a couple of months now and very happy with it, light, easy to ride, it seems to be a lot of bike for the money. After not being on a bike for so long I find the throttle a bit twitchy in traffic but this is fixed by changing to "B" mode, Ive stiffened up the suspension a bit, particularly the front - loving it but no one told me that every accessory after the purchase is $300+.....
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  11. thanks
  12. your right, my kids think I'm old - I dont ., cheers
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  13. Kids! Boohoo!! Tell them to grow up :wtf: As soon as helmet is on, we are all 21 :whistle:
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  14. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I am very sorry because you are not old and I am not old. Because we have older riders here on NR.
  15. Welcome bikeman. I read that the Tracer was less twitchy than the naked version but I guess that's the drawback of fuel injection and emissions laws. There is an 02 controller mod which smooths things out without reducing power. I've noticed B-mode produces slower acceleration times on my bike.
  16. Welcome! I occasionly have time for a weekday ride between kid drop off and pick up. Would love to arrange a ride sometime...
  17. Welcome to NR...

    NR is like Neverland.. No one grows old here. ;)
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  18. Corrected it....

    Welcome bikemanbikeman
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  19. That too..

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  20. gday bikemanbikeman, welcome to NR! we love talking about riding and drinking coffee around here almost as much as we like riding and drinking coffee.
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