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Old biker needs a bit of help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Getphillon2wheels, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone,
    this is my first post on this site. I myself have never owned or rode a bike. I'm 15 years old, my name is Kaisha and myself and my family are trying to raise funds to buy my Dad a secondhand Harley-Davidson. His name is Phill and he hasn't owned his own bike or ridden one for over 18 years... There's more info on the fundraising page I've set up for it, there you'll find the whole story which you may wish to read first. I can't attach the link for some reason so to find the page all you have to do is go to a website called mycause its an Australian site and then at the top in the search bar write Linda Hunt, which is my Mum's name a page should come up called Help Get Phill Back on the Road if you click on that it will take you to the fundraising page, where all the info is. Thank you guys, your support would mean the world to us all :]

  2. Good luck with that
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  3. Hey @op.

    Don't let let the door hit you on the way out.
  4. I had tears in my eyes reading that.

    Then i realised it was from punching myself in the face for not thinking of that one myself.
  5. I went and found the website. Sounds like he's had a rough time, but no worse than a lot on here.
  6. It wasn't hard to find........ you were given the details. Do you help Africans move large sums of money offshore by giving your bank account details?

    Don't you find it a little strange that tyres is spelled 'tires', or both worked online and Linda continued to work online? So with a kid of 15 and one of what, 17?? He still has no time for himself and 'literally' has no time to relax? Tayla is moving to SA for Uni? How convenient. They still have the strain of bills, mortgage, rent and medical expenses like everyone else? They have rent AND a mortgage?? Blimey, they really are fcuked up. I only have a mortgage.
    They understand that they’re not the only ones in a tough situation, many many others stand where they do. They don’t ask that you donate hundreds or thousands of dollars they just ask that you donate something.
    Why is it THEY all of a sudden if it's written by HER? Why isn't it 'WE'? The fund raising page "I've" set up she said.

    And finally...............

    That is why they’re desperately asking for the help of family, friends and complete strangers to help them get the funds to buy Phill a Harley

    THEY again.......... and how come even their family and friends, who i'd imagine are slightly closer to the action than we are haven't, as yet, donated a cent?

    Smell a rat? Call me cynical.
  7. Meh.. I'm too apathetic to care. :)
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  8. lol, agreed.............. and i'm too engaged in a fine red to retract
  9. I could go a good red. What's tonights tipple?
  10. Just a run of the mill Merlot that's hitting the spot, to be finished off with large port and brandy to clear this lingering cold!
  11. Never could get into the Merlots. Like a good ballsy shiraz, or cab sav. shiraz voigner if something softer. Port and Brandy sound like a winner. A good brandy will help no end! :)