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Old bike, new member, just got my license..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TokyoHistory, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Im a newbie to the world of motorcycling.

    My first ride on a motorcycle was about an hour and a half into the Pre - learners course at the local RTA on a rainy, cold day.

    Upon completion of day 1 of the course i realised that there was no way in this world that i was going to be able to pass a P - plater test by doing an extra training course or 2 or getting a loaner bike from a mate for an hour or so of practice once a month.

    So i went straight out and bought a bike that very day.

    I had been through a decision making process in the weeks leading up to the purchase. I had considered new and used options up to around $7000, including scooters, chinese and korean bikes, nakeds and the usual learner ninja 250 thoughts................

    I nearly bought a 'Daelim VJF250' and a 'Honda cbr250r'.
    Then i had thoughts that i might actualy 'drop' the bike or sc**** it up against a wall in the small parking space that i have.

    I am now the proud owner of a single cyclinder, water cooled, 250cc, naked, retro style, japanese import, otherwise known as a 'HONDA GB250'.

    I love it, its old as (27 years) and is quite rare and it has has spent most of its humble life over in Tokyo, Japan.

  2. Welcome!
    I had to look that bike up. Looks like a great older bike and a real classic.
  3. Hi NSSherlock,

    Yeah, i think the first i heard of them was when i did a 'bikesales' search Honda/ up to 250cc/ up to $5000/ Price high to low........and hey presto there it was.

    Got it privately (for a lot less cash than the dealers wanted) from its first Austalian owner about 3 kms from my home. The guy delivered for me and caught the bus home. Everybody was happy:dance:

    I love the sound it makes. It needs some loving, but i think thats why i wanted an older bike with lots of old chrome bits that can can be slowly restored over the next few years.

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    Welcome! If you're Sydney-based, get along to the Homebush learner sessions to get in some practice before your Ps. It's well worth it, plus you get to meet some people.
  5. Welcome to riding, and Netrider. Old bikes are perfectly suitable to new riders!
  6. There's a ton of Youtube vids on this bike. They seem to have been popular in Japan and still going strong. There's one of a complete rebuild where the guy is revving it and claims it is "not hot yet" but it sounds a little sick to me. You might need to order parts from Japan if needed.

    It reminds me a little of my ZR550 but more retro.

    You might be out enjoying it too much to get around to the restoration.
  7. welcome to Nr
  8. Welcome to Netrider mate.
    Nothing wrong with an old bike, and that number (27) you mentioned couldn't be any more appropriate relating to the World's current MotoGP Champion... ;)

    Happy & safe riding adventures to you.

  9. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.
    Will keep my eyes peeled for all of you on the forum.
    Ill check out some youtube videos and try to attend some more rider training

    About myself:
    I live in Sydney, Im 37 year young male and i love being a new motorcyclist.......

    Happy New year to all.
  10. Some information about my ride:

    Honda GB250 (1985)
    This model of motorcycle was only sold new in japan from 1985 - 1989.
    It is essentially a 'Cafe Racer' version of the 1985-1986 'CBX250RS'
    The bike uses a high output version of an engine used in other newer 1990's - 2008 model Hondas (including 'CBF250').
    The high output engine used in the my older bike is due to the twin carburetors, 2 into 1 exhaust, high compression/flow cylinder head and ommission of a catalytic converter.