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Old bike, new life.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just bought an old CZ motorcycle for spare parts and its not looking in great condition from the exterior, but I'm yet to see how it's looking internally. But I can defiantly use it!

    I'm going to strip it back and open up all the components so I can learn about my bike without taking apart my good bike. I'm not ruling out getting the motor kicking over either, but we'll have to see. And at this point I would like to apologies for any frustrating questions to those who know what they are doing, I don't know what I am doing but I am learning.

    So my first plan of action was to get everything nice and cleaned up and really asses what I have on my hands. So a few questions in regards to cleaning the exterior of the bike (I've been given lots of different suggestions so I wanted to get the opinions of those here):

    1, For the engine and metal areas, what is the best method for removing rust? Want to get all the rust off.

    2, I want to strip back the bad paint job it has been given and get it ready to repaint. What is the best technique for this?

    3, If I strip it back so I am just left with the frame should I send it away to be powder coated? Should I do any prep work on it before this?

    4, How to clean out an exhaust?

    I have two fuel tanks but they are both rusted. So after I strip the paint I will do the inside of the tank, I have read some tutorials on that.

    Once I have everything cleaned up and asses the condition of everything I'll go from there, but these are the first things I want to address.

    This is where I'm probably going to sound stupid... It's a two stroke with oil injection. I was wondering... After I attempt to rebuild the engine and get it working, is these a way to test its working without having the bike fully wired? I really have no idea about how I would go about this. Any suggestions?

    Any input is much appreciated. Any help is good help.

    I'll post pictures soon.

    Thanks everyone,
  2. a word to the wise.
    If u strip someone thing back to metal it will start to rust almost straight away. There enough moisture in the atmospher to do that. When ever i paint tank i always try to strip it and prime it on the same day.

    Paint stripper works well especaily for hard to reach places.

    Or Get of what you can by using heat (200 degrees should do it) and a razor, Then sand the rest by machine tools or hand if u must.

    If u have a sandblaster thats even better,

    The rust converter stuff doesnt impress me much,
  3. I'm not sure from your post whether you are going to strip the ne purchase for parts or restore it.
    If neither bike is actually going, my first priority would be to get at least one of them running, preferably both if possible, so you can start with a good engine and go from there. Then you can worry about de-rusting/repainting, pick the best parts off each bike and build a good one.
    You should be able to get the engine going with very little wiring, I'm not sure about the CZ, but it will probably run without a battery, you'd just need to wire in the ignition switch or a suitable replacement so you can stop it.