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Old Bike; need pipes/frame/engine all cleaned & chromed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by evader, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Old Bike; need pipes/frame/engine all cleaned & chromed


    Trying to find a good, reliable place that I can either drop off an entire bike too, or just the relevant parts for cleaning (sandblasting maybe? not sure of the process) and then chroming/polishing up to a nice shine.

    The bike is a 1977 z650 that's been looked after rather well, but want to make it look A1 & shiny.

    Any recommended business, preferably North Side of Melbourne (Thomastown/Clifton Hill/Northcote...)


  2. To save yourself a lot of money, put it into pieces before you take it anywhere.
  3. Then, buy a bench grinder, wire wheel & buffing wheels, do it yourself!

    Will cost around $250 for all that, plus a lot of your time. Much cheaper, & much more rewarding. :cool:

    You'd be surprised at the level of finish you can get, I've just finished doing my rearset & levers. I'd post pics, but it still seems to be broken....