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Old beaten up HD's????

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Guest, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I didn't want to hijack sponge's post so i'm starting my own... I would like to "do up" or rebuild an old harley or trump. Does anyone have any idea where to look for such things and how much you could expect to pay for something.. Any idea's would be appreciated.

    Not after engine mod's or anything just a nicely friendly cruiser... decent sized engine a must... 700cc?

    Please help!

    I dont even know where to go to start looking for one

  2. trading post?try johnnys hog shop to see if they have any basket cases or just bikes .prices can vary triumphs are valued really high these days for an old one,maybe spend !4g and get a brand new triumph america or for same cah a hd sportster custom,will cost you same to do up old one
  3. you see a lot of Harley's on the back of utes, you could offer to take it off their hands........ shit, they would probably so grateful they would throw in the Holden one tonner for free.
  4. Oh :(
    I thought this would be about hard drives.
    good luck finding what you are after and if anyone is after some 10 gig hds to store movies and stuff on shoot me a pm
  5. What vito said

    A wreck will still cost around a grand or so.

    Unless you have all the tools and can fabricate new guards and tanks, just buy it and ride it.

    Many people spend twice what they want for their bike (not even including their time) than just buying something like this Sportster

    Trumpys also not cheap, but pommy electrics from that era will keep your auto electrician very happy.
  6. heh heh, yeah eswen, I thought hard drives too, must be a hazard of working in the industry.

    hey lidonnit I reckon you'd be lucky to find an unmolested H-D or Triumph anywhere in the country, but it would be an interesting project....
  7. but theyare worth more than the day they left the factory are the wonders of steel(or advertising :?: ) :LOL:
  8. *sigh* great marketing, is all. Try Central Motorcycles in Oakleigh or go to www.centralmotorcycles.com.au. Also try HD, Triumph forums, shouldn't be too difficult to find something to play with. Depends on your riding style and personal tastes. Ask around and get all the info you can, sort the crap from the truth and go from there :)
  9. side of the road?

    wanted ad in the trading post etc?