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Old Bathurst Road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chickibabe, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hi there guy's and gal's went out today for a ride, hubby took me along old bathurst road as that is where the most test takes you. Well was going great until I got to the first 15km left hand turn, I was in the wrong gear and almost dropped my bike as it had no go in it. Well it scared the buggers out of me, so every bend after that my poor baby was reving it's head head :) . Then we stopped at Lexxon Bridge for a break. Got down to Russell road was stopped at lights, went to turn left and my bike just stopped. All I could think was shit shit shit. what the hell is going on, in the mean time hubby has taken off, and then it clicked, now don't laugh you guys but I forgot to turn my petrol back on after our stop. I felt like such an idiot, hubby came back all he could do was shake head at me. Other than that I had a ball, I will for sure be going out that way again. I hope to do the most test in about a months time, if I can get the hang of the uturn and cone weave, but as I've told practice make you perfect :LOL: well guys catch you all later out there.
    Cheers Lou

  2. umm, quite possibly a stupid question but what do you mean you forgot to turn the fuel tap on? Are you referring to the resevre switch or do the zeals have a actually on off switch?

    Anyway glad to hear you enjoyed your ride

    cheers stewy
  3. Yep I forgot to turn fuel back on, had it on off.
  4. chickbabe, i don't think you will really need to turn the switch 'off' unless the bike is sitting for long term. If you are really pedantic i guess you could turn it off over night, but if you are riding around, or using it throughout the day there really isn't any need to switch it to off.
  5. What a place to practice your low speed manouvering, lol. It's a nice run around there.

    My dad taught me to ride around a yard back in QLD, always at me to "get ya bloody feet up" and taught me low speed balance 1st. Used the same theory on my 1st big bike, rode slow around the yard and practiced low speed balance.

    Bikes are easy when your speeds up but those low speeds manouvers are just lots of practice, lots of confidence and just keep enjoying yourself.

    I hope your next Old Bathurst run dosn't worry you so much, have a ball out there.

    Edit~ honestly, who hasn't accidently left the fuel c0ck turned off?
  6. You are right niterider.
    Maybe chickbabe did her L in Clyde where they asked you to turn the fuel tap off everytime you had a break or rest time.
  7. Ed, thanks for that explanation, I was puzzled myself; I don't think I've ever turned off the fuel tap on any bike I've ever owned.....
  8. Thanks guy's just make me feel like a bigger goose :LOL: . I don't usually turn if off when out riding , we were only stopped for about 10 minutes so I can not even explain why I turned it off. :? And no I didn't do it Clyde :grin: out at penrith. The only reason we went that way also was because someone said to me "that anybody can ride in a straight line get out where there is bends" and we thought that would be a good ride to do. But I have to say hubby would never put me in danger. Like I would like to ride out to wisemans ferry but he said I'm not up to it yet and after doing it in car I would have to agree. It was a little freaky because I've never been along that part, but as I said I'm looking forward to next time. And I want more time out there with bends so I can go on a ride with you guys. :grin:.
    Cheers Lou
  9. hey all. yeah old batherst rd is a fun road. just to give u bit more confidence i did my P's test about 3 weeks ago at Penrith and they didnt take us up or down it. they just took us from the regatta through to dunheaved and castlereigh not very tricky at all. also you should try the decent at hawksberry road it is similar to old batherst but not as tight
  10. They didn't take you old bathurst road, you beauty I might pass now :grin: Well I hope to go in about a months time. Hubby is taking a week off work so we can go riding everyday for about 5 hours a day. This week we are going up Putty Road till I think he said Kurragong Road, across to Bells line. I'm loving this at the moment now that I'm getting out there more and getting more experience. :grin: .

    Catch ya out here
  11. anger in the silence, hay out at penrith who did you have as the instructor was is JJ, John or Ival? i think his name was.
  12. Ivor was my P's instuctor ,good guy and really helpfull.

    The road ride was all flat ,no hills and 3 sets of lights and a few LARGE round abouts.
    I had never been out there and it was a easy ride ,easyest part of the test ...... well the road rides not really a "test" it's a lesson.
    Ride along and watch the instructor ,stop after 5 minutes and talk about ,what we seen and the dangours of the road we just went on ,like blind drive ways ,big truck yards ,just things to watch out for ,and where to be in your lane while riding every day.
    Im glad i did mine out at penrith ,no real traffic.
  13. That's it, he was nice but didn't have him for either of my 2 L's test had John first time and JJ and John the second. Maybe they have changed the ride part since hubby got his over 2 years ago as they took them up old bathurst road.
    I'm going really good out on the road but I'm worried I will not pass cone weave and uturn, so I've really got to practice those two. But trying to find a quite place around Glendenning area is a nightmare.