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Old and new [Tyres]

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hyssy, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. So, 30,000k service on the VFR and noticed the front tyre is getting low. Low as in it won't make it to the next service. I'm running BT021s front and rear and I've been pretty happy with them. They've lasted 12,000ks so far (including a stint to Phillip Island and back). The rear has more life left in it, however.

    So I'm chucking a few thoughts around and wondered if anyone had experience mixing a BT020 front with an older 021 rear? I could get both replaced (a preference I guess, but money is a bit tight after my Stator replacement adventure).

    Failing that, what do other VFR owners have on theirs? I did like the 021s, very nice tip in and grip.

    Any suggestions?
  2. for best ride and handling always replace tyres as a pair....
    Tyres are the first things that keep you upright and travelling.
    "Cutting corners" is false economy.

    My personal preference :

    all round : Michelin Pilot Road 2
    slightly more sporting : Michelin Pilot Power.. ( currently some good prices around on the older single compound types, 2ct's more expensive )
  3. For those interested or current owners of BT021s, I elected to have the front changed only. The rear has got buckets of tread left and it would have been a complete waste to change them both.

    Having looked around a bit, it seems the BT021s have a reputation for wearing the front early. A ratio of 2:1 for front to rear seems common.

    I got 12,000ks from the front, so it's not dreadful, just a bit surprising. Having replaced it today, it has given a lot more 'tip in' back to the bike.

    For the next change, I'm considering the Pilot Road 2s. Although will watch out for any new releases by then.
  4. for best ride and handling always replace tyres as a pair....

    sponsored by your local tyre re-seller

    there is no technical reason for replacing both tyres at once unless you've just bought the bike and don't know their age and status

    many riders choose NOT to change both, especially as they can wear at different rates, and ESPECIALLY as it's hideously expensive.
  5. I'm getting fantastic grip and wear out of straight PP's on my VFR. I love 'em.
  6. You're right Paul, but theres nothing better than having them both replaced at the same time so they're equally worn for a while :)

    I'm going to get a set of PR2s put on in the next few weeks.. I wonder if a 190 tyre will fit in a ventura bag? (As the mega soft rear has plenty of life left on it and will throw it back on for trackday).