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old age newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Zaphod, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Hello All,

    I've recently found this website and decided to poke my head thru the door and say hi!

    Some short note - I'm 38, have riden trail bikes from time to time but never on the road. 167cm tall / overweight.

    I'm seriously looking at purchasing a sports bike for a couple of reasons - travel to work plus being able to go on longer rides and tours.

    My learning about motorbikes is purely from reading information - I have no practicle experience of bike maintenance or riding on the road - so I'm looking for some guidence. First thing i'll be doing is an advanced rider traing course.

    From what I've read I like the Kawasaki range - ZZR600 looks appealing - overkill for a newbie? :LOL:

    Anyway, thats me. Hi and thanks for the opportunity to be here.

  2. BEBELBROX you old cad !!!! its about time the galatic president found this website!!!! :wink:

    Welcome BTW.... now that i have me HGTTA out of the way advice usualy happens in the new riders thread hava good long browse mate...
  3. your not old!!!!!!

    but welcome anyway....
  4. Welcome to the forums.
    I've found the information on here to be hugely helpful.

    ZZR600 is a great bike. As a newbie you might be restricted to a 250 depending on what state u are in.
    You can fill your state out on your profile to let people know.

    Good luck!
  5. welcome...............and 38 is still a pup!!
  6. Thanks for the welcome and advice on profiles :)

    From what I've read on the RTA website I can go for my licence and qualify for the unrestricted size as I've held a gold licence for ......hmm.....long time now. Apparently this makes me mature....ummmm a mature rider......ummm old.

    Anyway.....I'll keep learning, reading and hopefully soon experiencing.

    Oh and the answer is 42.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox . Galactic President and swell guy, baby!
  7. nice you took the original voice actor and his puppet head +1
  8. Welcome
    And I agree with the others, 38 is not old.
  9. Yeah, 38 is old.... now 37 on the other hand :wink: :cool:

    Just kidding, welcome Zaphod :grin:
  10. welcome, welcome..and at 38 you are exactly 20 years younger than me and at least one other Netrider sonny... :grin:
  11. yeah, but what is the question!!!!! i never could work that bit out.....