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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RapunzeL, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody, after being scorned by zenali and chef for only ever being the occasional lurkette here i've decided to join up.

    So maybe i'll see some of you around on a ride sometime!

    p.s. oh and i'm in the south eastern suburbs

    p.p.s. and ride a daytona 675

    cheers :angel:
  2. ola...
  3. Vic, right? Welcome to the Forum.
  4. G'day mate and welcome. Hope to see you 'out there' sometime soon.
  5. Welcome to the madness. :)
  6. ola, Nice choice of bike
  7. Too bad you don't ride a real bike, but welcome anyway :)
  8. hey Ola gday areyou close to belgrave ? i ride a daytona too looks like goz is outnumberd now haha
  9. As a matter of fact I am, just across in wantirna. Good taste by the way :cool:

  10. outnumbered by Gaytonas? nothing to brag about :D
  11. im in upwey maybe cath up one day ?
  12. Hi and welcome to NR
  13. Now that's a good recommendation - welcome!
  14. :LOL:

    I know who you both are now... heheheh. Come do some fukn wheelies!
  15. ha ha onto us eh?

    And yes, I must learn that trick one of these days. Its the payment in 'boobs or bourbon' that had me worried ;)
  16. Trick?

    I just thought you had to tilt your wrist back a little and hold on \\:D/

    Also welcome to the most entertaining online dungeon of bikers in Aus (y)