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ol' road "squirt".

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, May 19, 2007.

  1. :)




  2. Haha, great shots!
  3. frame sliders come in handy for something other than binning it
  4. Seen them in real life myself. Did a HUGE double take at the size of the kid and another when SHE took off the helmet. :shock:
  5. love the vtr1000f pillion pegs location, best mod to a yamaha yet, add some honda parts
  6. Just noticed the extra handgrips for the little one.
  7. My old man used to take me around the track on his trail bike when i was about 3yo :cool:
  8. Ha ha!

    Hopefully the wowsers wont go up in arms about this. My old man used to take me riding like that and I loved every second of it! That is a ripper of a picture.
  9. That's so cute... how cool must that little guy feel :cool:

    Great to see that all the safety stuff has been taken care of ~ gear, grips and pegs... and a little tootin' horn of his very own :grin: