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Okay - Own up!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, May 17, 2010.

  1. This morning on the way to work on Epping Road, 1km before the turn off to get to the Lane Cove Tunnel, I see a cop car on the other side of the road (I was city bound and cop was North bound...

    I see a helmet and think DAMN some bike was speeding and was caught :(

    BUT THEN I realise it's a scooter!!! A scooter was pulled over by the cops!!! :-s

    a cute little red one like this one:

    Was it someone on here? I'm just AMAZED - was the scooter somehow speeding in an 80 k zone!? =D>

    I was just like WOW good job!

    (I'm not being sarcastic... I am really impressed!).

    Sucks if ya got a fine mate, or if ya weren't speeding and just picked on... but seemed like you were joking with Mr. Plod so it didn't seem overly serious.

    Hope all okay but... Good job!!! =D>

  2. Mr Cop and Mrs Cop catching up as they changed between day shift and night shift; easy :LOL:.
  3. Hehehehe! I hope it's juicier goss than that! :D

  4. I scratched my balls this morning.8-[
  5. Riding in the "Bus Only" lane, perhaps?
  6. Nope, no bus lane on that part of Epping road - he was just prior to the Dehli Road lights.

    Smee I've very happy for you. :p

    Just seemed strange that he'd be pulled over in peak hour traffic unless there was juicy goss attached :p
  7. What size scooter? It could also be that he was just riding badly wobbling about and got pulled over for a chat.
  8. I have no idea what size. Heading the opp. direction in peak hour traffic :)
  9. Apparently the cops were sitting there this morning booking people who strayed Ono the bus lane or take the bus only filter onto Pittwater on the corner of Epping rd.
  10. Was on Epping Rd from midday onwards for my ride to Whittlesea, Flowerdale, Broadford and back.
    No cops during my ride... JUST as well - Strath Creek Rd is OH so delightful !!! :)
  11. Ah so it coulda been that tiny bus only lane at that big setta lights... Hmm...

    Damn... I was hoping he was speeding lol
  12. different epping road mate.
  13. Lilley - yeah thanks mate, realised when it was too late :) Like everything else, there's probably an Epping Rd somewhere else around the world as well..like USA, for example. They have EVERYTHING there....%#^)& !!!

    Day - I'd LOVE to be even allowed to do the Whittlesea Challenge on the R1 !
  14. I reckon I could get pulled over easy, on a scooter...
  15. I'd pull over Bonk on a scooter. I'd even pull over just a PHOTO of Bonk on a scooter. But I'm pretty quick to start pulling.
  16. But you're really well known as a world-class puller... :cheeky:
  17. It twas me, pulled over for riding too slow in an 80km/h zone.
  18. Is that like a bus lane that we ride in in Mexico?