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okay its starting to happen :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chunkz, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. welll im getting a student loan soon....
    so this means bike will be coming soon

    going for my license in 2 weeks time...

    now the bikes i have my eyes on

    ninja (if one comes cheap enough, but it wont, but a man can dream)
    and a across

    now with the across, the thing that sticks out to me is the helmet storage
    This bike will be for me driving to uni on the other side of the city every day..
    Now are their addons to the zzr which can have secure helmet storage?

    or is the across my only hope?

    also i have read alot of the bike reviews and stuff like that... but yeh
    input would help

  2. I really think that you should not just limit yourself to the faired bikes, especially when it comes to buying a used 250.
  3. i just like the look of them
    and performance...

    are there 250's that can perform like them but have the different style?
  4. I agree, one reason being the huge cost of replacing fairings and the like.

    And naked bikes are cooler :grin: (personal opinion)
  5. can you give me some make and model names of these naked bikes...
    do they come for around $3,000

    and whats the performance like in traffic... i wanna get ahead of traffic (not speeding) and through traffic fine...

    alot of highway driving
  6. Get a VTR250 or a Spada

    I was going to mention a bandit but the thought caused me to shudder :p
  7. Have you considered insurance?

    I got told yesterday that insurance is generally cheaper on a naked bike.

    I'm with Vic on this one... VTR or Spada
  8. looked at vtr, very expensive... i have 3k for a bike
  9. VTR and Spada's are great fun. Plenty more go than the GPX or ZZR (I started on a GPX myself) and have better suspension.
  10. 250s.... performance...

    :p :p

    they're all slow and they'll all do the same thing in the end (cept some of the REAL slow ones, CB, Viagra etc.). buy whatevers most comfortable, thats probably the most important factor when it comes down to it. no point having a bike sitting in the garage that you wont take on a real ride because you get a sore ass/back/wrists...
  11. if you go for the across because of the helmet storage, make sure you test that it fits your helmet before buying the bike. I had an across 10 years or so ago and with my XXXL melon, my helmet wouldn't fit.

    The storage is still very handy, but less so if your lid won't fit inside.

    Agree with the others that a VTR250 would be more fun, but having looked a while ago at prices of these for my better half, you really need $5k plus for a VTR.
  12. Just had a look on bikesales for ya chunkz and there's a CB250 Honda on there for 3K exactly!!! snap it up!

    BTW, how far from collingwood are you? coz that's where the bike is being sold - collingwood.
  13. i can get there, im gunna have a look at it
    cheers mate

    what are they like with getting to 80km/h ? quicker then cars?

    also how are they in fuel econo?
  14. While I do think that the VTR's price is a bit inflated (as are the CBRs and ZXR2s) for what you are getting you can still pick up one cheaper than $5000. I got a '99 model for $4000 in great condition with an aftermarket pipe fitted as well.
  15. Yep

    Just dip a rag in some petrol and hold it near the tank. About 300km per tank is not unusual.
  16. oh man this sucks
    i dont know what to chose

    my only problem with the cb250 is that, they dont look as sporty as a zzr

    hmmm but does that matter, god dammit!

    im doing my learners at mta... i think they run the training on cb250's.... so yeh
  17. Wait and see how you go on the CB at MTA if you like it get one if you dont, maybe have a look at a Spada or one of the other bikes you mentioned.

    You really need to go out and sit on a few to really get a feel for them and find a bike you like.
  18. cb beating cars?? i'd like to see that!! :LOL: :LOL: reckon the POS 4 cyl magna wagon in my front yard would trounce it :p :p
  19. vic wrote:
    Common vic, lets hear some justification! :LOL:

    That aside, I’ve said it many times before, seriously consider an unfaired bike for your first one. Fact is accidents happen and there will be far fewer tears shed with a naked. Not to mention your wallet will thank you.

    The words performance and 250 don't really go together. Sure they could smoke most "normal" cars but in comparison to a larger bike they are just plain slow. That said; the cbrr and zx2r are the zippiest out of the pack. Honourable mention to the fzr as well!
  20. talk to Mike at MTA he is Brilliant and NOT biased on any bike
    I got my L's with Mike in June and my P's with Richo in December 2005 after letting my licence lapse 22 years ago
    i 100% reccomend them for conversing with the students and instruction :applause: