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Ok, whose Desmosedici?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Is parked in my business park in Port Melbourne?


    Damn that thing looks nice. I heard it leave on thursday or friday too, very distinctive!

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  2. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    That's mine. PLease bring it inside for me, I'll pick it up later.
  3. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    does it have chicken strips?? if it does, thats very dissapointing.
  4. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    That's the beauty of it: Very nice sticky bridgestones, used all the way to edge.

  5. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Nice. I really don't see how I could ever justify the price of one. One Desmosedici or a couple of decades of litre bike refreshes?

    Still...drool. And great to see one that's actually being ridden and ridden properly. Nothing sadder than a garage queen.
  6. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Yeah, I do find it a bit confusing, compared to a luxury car it's cheap, but then a GSXR/CBR/R1 will blow off most luxury cars anyway... For a lot less money too.
  7. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Are you talking about untoned arms?? :-s
  8. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Cheeses, i' d love to be even in a position where I could buy one if I wanted to.

    But to actually own one and be able to ride it to it's potential!!

    Erm sorry... Slipped into my dreamworld there, for a second or two.

    I reckon your lucky just to see one!!
  9. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Chicken strips refer to unused rubber at the edge of the tire, indicative of a rider who is shy on the corners (aka noob aka me).
  10. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Imagine if I admitted to meeting someone who owned one of those and I didn't even bother to be friendly with her... Feel like I would be drawn and quartered for missing out on an oppurtunity to oogle and *gasp* swing a leg over it...
  11. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Thank you! I have read that term online before and not understood what it meant. Cheers.
  12. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    That's a hypothetical question, right? ....Right?
  13. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Wellll, not necessarily. Usually, yes. But on occasion you'll find a rider who is more of a hanger and doesn't use as much of the tire as some others do, even going through the same corner at the same speed on teh same bike.
  14. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    As much as, I couldn't justify the fact that it's a decade's worth of upgrades, with more choice....
  15. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    They're pretty but I think they promise so much more than they deliver. I'd take an 1198R any day of the week.

    MV, out of curiosity if it's parked there again, could you check and see if it had 17" rims?
  16. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    If you have to justify it, it's not for you.
  17. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    saw 3 of them done at the gp last year

    was lucky to get a glimpse considering the number of people crowding around it
  18. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    What?? Explanation for the newbs?
  19. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...


    See how he's way off the bike and it's not leaned all THAT much? SOmeone who rides like that won't use as much of the tire, and will thus have "chicken strips", even though he's clearly not corner shy.
  20. Re: Ok, whos Desmosedici...

    Ah..ok. Thanks.

    See I thought part of 'correct/efficient' cornering technique was to move your arse off the seat like that? :-s