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ok... who took it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by XLAR8, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. so i looked out my window and said yeap iam going for mt nebo/glorious ride.

    put my gear on, warmed up the bike. last minute check everything is good, pulled in the clutch clicked in 1st and then the bike jumped and stalled... iam like wtf? wheres my clutch :eek:

    it was fine when i put it to bed yesterday, but i must add since getting its first 1000k service last Tuesday it has been stalling when i first put it in gear in the morning :censored:.

    i might try adjusting the cable (fingers crossed) but iam ganna be screaming at team moto today (i have noticed they were a little ruff in doing their service)
  2. Don't adjust the cable yet. Let the bike warm and see how it is.

    Clutches are a bit sticky when cold. It's not uncommon. Some people put the bike in gear (engine off) pull the clutch and and rock back and forth a little to free it up. Some have bike they can start in gear with the clutch in. Some have neighbours who don't give a damn, so the pull the clutch in and give the engine a couple of quick revs before they drop it in gear.
  3. i will warm it up and see what happens

    ok so i started the bike up on the centre stand and let it sit there and idle while a had a smoke (i also pumped the clutch lever few times as well) and lo and behold now it works.

    so should i get this sticky clutch looked at?
  4. Cold oil is like honey. It glues the plates together. Until the bike is in gear and the clutch has slipped at least a little, it will drag quite noticeably. There's nothing unusual in this, pretty much all bikes (except those with dry clutches) do it.
  5. Just hold the clutch in for ten seconds or so before clicking into first, gives the
    plates time to separate.
  6. Sounds like its all normal operation.