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Ok who left the door to the asylum open again

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 150MPH, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Read this crap and leave the clown a reply on the page

  2. If WW3 would happen as described in this article then it would follow that India and China would become the superpowers. Simply because the Hindus and Buddhists, based on this article, won’t get involved WW3.

    As usual these latter 2 groups don't involved themselves too much in wars but they love the spoils of war. !!!.
  3. what a crock of shit !

    I had to laugh at this quote left by a reader . . .
    "You are a racist Indian"

    I thought exactly the same 2/3's through reading it!
  4. a few of funny replies he got

    From USA: (18 days 20 hours ago.)
    you are a complete idiot

    Dark Sidious: (17 days 11 hours ago.)
    You are a racist Indian

    Prophet from Holy Land: (17 days 10 hours ago.)
    LMFAAAAOO You have no idea how stupid you are man... no idea!

    JACKY JACKY from THE DREAMTIME: (1 day 10 hours ago.)
    Hey bloke does this mean there might be a new surf club at alice springs

    KHAMALL from SINGING IN AN RSL CLUB: (1 day 10 hours ago.)

    UNCLE ARTHUR from THE OLD FOLKS HOME: (1 day 7 hours ago.)

    Harry Jones from Melbourne: (8 hours 53 minutes ago.)
    i almost died of laughter...

    Joehoo from Antarctica: (6 hours 36 minutes ago.)
    I predict that the sea mooses will come out of the ocean and attck all humans with their suction cup tenticles and rid all vermin from the lands. Then these beasts will begin to inhabit the land and form their seamoose collonies which will evolve into super seamooses and develop brains that can telepathically communicate with all gods.

    PERCY PISSWHISKER from www.beerandshots.com: (16 minutes ago.)
    you are an oxegen thief.

    neville nobody from IN MY HUMPY: (3 minutes ago.)
    Hey bloke this is real bad news, the family is still getting over aunty Ilene getting vaperised and the rest of the tribe getting the sun glasses melted into their heads at Maralinga. Back when the they were letting off the big fire crackers that made the mushroom clouds in the desert
  5. If any of the people who target missiles have ever had to suffer from those bloody telemarketers in the Indian call-centres, I know exactly which cities they'd take out first. :LOL: :p
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool: