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Ok, who is a mobile phone expert?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, May 8, 2007.

  1. Ok, who is a mobile phone expert?

    I currently have a have a pretty average Motorola phone on an Optus contract. I have just been offered free a brand spankers iMate JazJam, by a friend who has had it all of 1 hour and already hates it with a passion. Now this phone is on a (bloody expensive) Telstra contract, and I'm with Optus. My question is, are Telstra contract phones locked to the network like pre-paid ones? No offense folks, but I'm not looking for opinions, just somebody who actually knows for sure.

  2. It *shouldn't* be locked down, but you will probably find a bunch of Telstra software on it which will annoy you no end unless you're a Telstra customer. You'll also find that someone will either have to pay that contract out or maintain a contract of some form with Telstra to "pay off" that phone.

    I'd be surprised if it was "locked". If you're able to, chuck your sim in and make sure it works. Also worth noting, you'll find it difficult if not impossible to get a legitimate service office to put a different provider's code on it so you get the right software on it.

    I know you didn't ask for opinions, but if nothing else, that software from another provider (and/or edited/added menu items and stuff) might really shit you. If it's likely to shit you, don't take it.
  3. ALL moible phones in Aust come with Telstra profiles, why so many who go with other carries have so many hassles @ times with features not working. ie email, wap etc.

    Yes someone will have to honour contract or pay it out.
    Phone shouldnt be locked, but with this mob who knows. Only way to know is throw ur sim in.
  4. Thanks, I hadn't thought of the possible software issue. The contract is no problem as he's keeping it. He is happy with Telstra but hates the phone itself and is offering a straight swap for my old V3 Razr. I will have the chance to try a SIM swap tomorrow and will decide then if I will go with his offer.
  5. No. They are not. The software people are referring to is actually on the sim card, unless it is a "branded" prepaid.
  6. Wooo hooo..looks like I just swapped a sows ear for a silk purse then... :grin:
  7. not so.

    I bought (outright) a nokia n80 from crazy john's (mistake btw) and being that they're a Telstra reseller, their Nokia n80 was branded with Telstra software as well as having a very different menu - some things not even there, some additional things. Had trouble even running half the things I bought the phone for in the first place.

    I returned that one when Nokia said they can't put different software on it even though I bought it outright. I bought a new one from Allphones who're all kinds of resellers and I put my sim in it before I bought it to confirm what the menus looked like.

    Menus were exactly as I expected and I have two things that're Optus-y. One is a penguin when I turn the phone on. Happy to ignore it. The other is an Optus Zoo item in my main menu which I move to somewhere I don't see it - I'm on Virgin so I care not for Optus Zoo. Additionally, there's preconfigured Optus MMS, SMS and 3G/Internet stuff on it which I can also happily ignore.

    None of that on EITHER phone came from my SIM. Yes, the prepaid phones are much more branded, but depending on where you buy a phone from, it'll have their own provider software on it which brands it as being a Telstra/Optus/Vodafone unit, even though it's not network locked.
  8. i am a phoney expert, is that good enough? :roll: :LOL:
  9. I'm no expert by any means so don't laugh, but since the JazJam is a Windows Mobile 5 phone, can't I just install/uninstall anything I want?
  10. also worth noting, this is more likely to be the case on a 3G phone because they ALL go through 3G providers.

    For a normal GSM only phone, you CAN pick up some models from some places without software branding on it. Being that this one is from Telstra, I'd be surprised if it had no Telstra branding on it, however, the original question was whether it'd be network locked. No, it won't - can *almost* guarantee that, however can't guarantee what branding it has on it and whether it'll annoy you.
  11. My phone's a Symbian phone :p Operating System is an Operating System is an Operating System. I would've thought I could uninstall stuff on Symbian but some stuff is locked which was the case with the one I picked up from Telstra. I couldn't do a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff I tried to remove cos it shat me more. Couldn't do stuff, couldn't remove stuff. Returned it (and very nearly shoved it up their asses cos they said, and I quote "no no, there's no provider branding in the software on these phones!").

    As I said, more likely to be the case with a 3G phone because they're supposed to all go through providers here. A normal GSM phone could prolly go either way.
  12. May I?


    The software that is being discussed is actually firmware.

    Yes the JasJam is bought from $smel$tra will come with their firmware installed on the phone.

    You can however, flash it with other carriers firmware if that carrier has released a new firmware for that phone.

    I bought a dopod,(identical phone) from 3. Initially I could not stream videos and "planet 3" didn't work (in other words the phone did not have a planet 3 button. It was still accessible via the url in the browser)

    3 only recently released the new firmware and now streaming works. It all works, the phone is the bomb :)

    It is WM5 so yes, you can install thousands of apps just as you would a pc.
    I run pocket putty on it and can ssh into netrider or my box at home, I can IRC, use the phone as a GPS yadda yadda yadda.

    Mouth is much more of a geek than me, ask him for his opinions.

    You will be a happy man with this phone once you get used to the size.
    There are a few others on here that have the same phone, stookie is one, G is another.
  13. Thanks Vic, that all makes sense to me, so I'll start looking for either Optus firmware, or a generic version. I have just spoken to the current owner who says that the only things that you cannot delete in WM5 are the Telstra specific email client, and Telstra oriented browser bookmarks. There are a zillion 3rd party WM5 email clients out there apparently, so even if I can't delete the Telstra one, I can just ignore it.
  14. +1
    I have the Dopod (same as Jasjam) awesome phone
  15. You'd probably want to be checking that before you take it though. Nokia as an example said they "weren't allowed to" put any other firmware (that's the word I was thinking of!! :oops:) on it because it had originally had telstra's on it. They could upgrade it, but they were obliged to put the specific newer version of the Telstra firmware on it.

    My advice would be to call wherever can upgrade this for you and check it beforehand so at least you're not disappointed the day it annoys you enough to follow it up. I would've kept my first n80 if nokia hadn't been bastards about changing the firmware on a phone that wasn't attached to a contract *at all*.
  16. depending on how keen you are, if they won't upgrade it legitimately for you (and put generic/optus firmware on it), there's always sites on the net with ... information .. ;)
  17. Thanks all, I've just got the answer I needed from i-mate themselves. If you do a hard reset with no SIM installed it auto-configures back to generic WM5 firmware, you can then manually set it up for your chosen network. I'll be giving it a go tomorrow when I get my hands on it.....I'm exited! :cool:
  18. Noice phone mate!
  19. +1 I was JUST about to type this all out...

    For anyone else also looking for info, i'd done a documentation on these a little while ago, and (from memory) I didn't need to have the sim card out to be able to pick a "Profile" for a network after doing a hard reset.

    Also http://www.imate.com/ allows you to register your phone and then download latest firmwares for any network, and a few other things too.
  20. You leaving us Inci?? :p