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Ok, which one of you's Dad drives a skyline?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. 78-year-old hoon's car impounded by Victoria Police

    * Police impound 78 year old's car
    * Say he was doing 170km/h in 100km/h zone
    * Oldest person to have car taken under hoon laws

    A 78-year-old Melbourne man allegedly speeding at 170km/h on a winding road has become the oldest person to have his car impounded under Victoria's hoon laws.

    source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24878431-29277,00.html
    irresponsible I know .. but :LOL:
  2. LOL!! :LOL:

    Poor poor popo, now they have to look out for the grey nomads aswell as P platers, aswell as us motorcycle hoons! Shit they may have to do *some* work now.

    *some* disclaimer, they will probably continue to do sweet fcukall and blame speed on everything to justify the govt's over zealous use of greed cameras.
  3. He was driving a Pulsar at 170km/hr? And he says he's a racing driver.... give the guy a medal and some track time.

  4. :LOL: The only thing that would make this funnier, would be if the po got spanked by a 78 year old guy in a Pulsar doing a buck seventy. But then we would never had heard about it.
  5. What's a 78 year old dude doing with a Pulsar GTiR???

    I wouldn't confiscate one of those if I was a cop.

    "Oh we don't want one of those, they're more hassle than they're worth. Gearbox will probably blow up on the way back to the depot..."
  6. Well this is pure speculation, but it sounds like he was doing a Maccas run to me. :LOL:
  7. He borrowed it off his granddaughter.
  8. Rumour has it the dude was in the same kindergarten year as Paul Hornet !
  9. A roadworthy maybe?
  10. Gotta give Nan the keys to the Vitara, I'm sure at 93 years old, she can beat that :LOL:

    dunno about the Vitara getting up to 170kmph tho :oops:
  11. And I bet he still demands access to a disabled spot too.
  12. He actually races with NDSOC very regularly. Pretty sure he is one of the quickest in the club in that pulsar as well.

    Used to own the tank museum in Lysterfield.
  13. Well that settles it.

    He is awesome.

    He should be allowed to do whatever he wants.
  14. +1!! :grin: :grin:
  15. lol I bet he is related to Bert Munroe.