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Ok...whats going on?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MrWasabi, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. A mate of mine is going to sell me his Kawasaki zzr250 94 or 95 model, and im booked in next month for rider training.

    We are yet to settle on a price, but he is saying maybe 3 grand. Ive been looking around bikesales.com.au and bikepoint.com.au and also checked redbook.com.au....

    all of these websites tell me something different about the average price of a ZZR250 94 or 95.

    Redbook tells me it should be 1900 to 2100 for the 94 and 2100 to 2500 for the 95 model.

    bikes selling on the bike websites are going between 2500 and 5500...
    now this is for a 12-13 year old bike, when new it was $7500....

    i broaden my search and search for all year models, a 2006 model is going for $5000, a 1990 model is going for $5500....

    what in the world is going on? i am fairly new to the bike scene, so i dont know what to expect to pay for a 94 or 05 zzr250... going off by the available resources, i still wouldnt have a clue what they went for...

    Can someone explain to me why there is such a massive fluctuation in price? specially when a 2006 model bike is cheaper than a 17 year old bike?
  2. yep nsw now has a LAM's systems but before that everyone HAD to ride 250 while learning hence the inflated price....price seems about right though :LOL: if i was you i would consider looking at the LAM list and find yourself a 400+ plus

    cheers stewy
  3. Easy, Redbook is full of crap - it's only used by dealers to justify ripping people off on trade-ins (ie buy it for a grand then sell for 5). The important rule to remember is that a bike is always worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
  4. yeah i would, but this bike is actually going to be loaned to me and then ill repay it, as i dont have the cash for a bike at the moment, so beggars cant be choosers.

    but in saying that i dont want to agree on a price which is ridiculous for the bike...
  5. make sure you get full comp insurance if that is the case........bikes are easy to crash and cost a lot to repair :)
  6. hmm good point. i wasnt going to consider it, as i got a quote and full comp insurance is a 1/3 of the price of the bike...

    but being on a loan and me being a newbie i think i mightl...

    well if $3000 sounds ok to you guys i guess ill settle for that

    thanks :)
  7. i didn't say it was a good price, but it's certainly no over the top IMO
  8. Hey mate,

    one way i use to compare prices is to see what they go for on Ebay, reason being as 'usually' i think people don't pay more than the lower end of the scale not always right but i think can be a descent guide, then i guess you could add a few bucks on top. Keep in mind that sum stuff on there is crap that people wanna offload and there's less time for prospective buyers to check it out.

  9. In this case, redbook sounds about right. Exceptional quality bikes with low km's might be worth more.

    A '94 ZZR if used average amounts should have about 100,000kms on it. That's 100,000kms of the engine revving most often in the 6000+ rpm range. (8000 @100km/h). $3k without books or complete history... for a 13yo 250 bike... $3k being about half what a 2yr bike might be worth... hmmmm... the engines are bullet proof if the oil changes have been maintained... if not... I'd be doing a compression check as a minimum.

    The only way I could justify that price in my mind, was if I considered it the equivalent of a loan. If I was loaned $x over y yrs at some nominal z interest rate, I'd probably end up paying $3k.

    How long is he willing to wait for the total?
  10. Thanks for putting all that into perspective...kinda thinking of talking it down now. I dont know the history of it, i know it has been sitting for over a year and hasnt been used much, but apart from that it has had new tyres, sprokets, chain etc put on it...

    He is willing to wait until i have the cash, we are friends so he knows i am not going to dissapear
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