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ok, TomTom support

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. As some people know, I had my TomTom Rider unit "die" on me a few weeks ago when at the Spanner day in Gippsland. TomTom have finally gotten back to me via support (4 days after I had enough and bought another GPS unit)

    My original question (which is included in their answer so I hope that means they read it) is:

    And the answer (after almost a month)

    Cool. So I tell them I CANNOT turn the unit on no matter what I do and they ask me to plug it in, turn it on and while plugged into my PC, update it (which I did a week BEFORE it died). Do, just to humour myself, I once again plugged it to my PC, tried to turn it on, and yup, same as before. It isn't turning on. :roll:

    Judging from their "bagged under" with emails, I suspect they get a lot of emails regarding stuff ups from their product(s). I can see why now. Since the unit died, I have read from quite a few people that have had similar problems (unit not turning back on for no apparent reason)

    I did get the number for TomTom from a member here couple weeks ago (thanks Inci) and a phone call led to a (at cost) repair. So, I bought a new (no name heh) unit cheaper than they quoted me (varied figures) to fix.. I'll see how the no name brand goes but seeing as the $1100 RRP TomTom unit I bought 11 months ago died (I paid less than that tho), I'll only need the unit to work for a few weeks to be more cost effective than the TomTom.

    Also the TomTom updates which are $400ish (and I bought the unit in the time of the "get a free map update" promotion which they didn't give to me (yet as when I called up, the unit was already dead so a map update is of no use to me) Just an early morning rant soon as I saw the reply email. I'm off for the day (again), I've been so busy, spending time on phone to support people during the day just isn't viable from me at present. I'm not home most of the day at present! *gone*

  2. Dopod + TT6 Software "off the net" + $134 Bluetooth GPS receiver = Cheap GPS

    I already had the phone :grin:
  3. Hahaha... Probably a generic tech support response (first the IT hardware suppliers tell you to do is a firmware upgrade)
  4. Sounds like another company i had to deal with for my mp3 player *cough* creative *cough*

    They don't read the emails they get sent. Instead they just send out a generic response that says "upgrade the firmware".
  5. Sounds like one stupid individual. There are at least three of us on Netrider who have had 1st class support from Tom Tom, me included. Talk to somebody else by phone, the number is in the reply.
  6. The best is Ebay, 16 emails backwards and forwards to the fcuken monkeys that peel bananas in between calls to get them to understand that a "policy" of theirs is just plain bloody stupid.

    The problem is yet to be resolved.
  7. Agreed, I too have had issues with E-Bay, but tell me, when did they upgrade to monkeys?
  8. The problem with this sort of thing these days is that people increasingly rely on emails etc. to communicate. Nothing beats (1) visiting the place of purchase or (2) calling the people who can assist you with your problem.

    To the OP, can you remove the battery from the unit? Maybe that's what it needs - a REAL powerdown - in order to reset it.

    Failing that, I'll take it off your hands...

  9. I hate dealing with Ebay. It seems to think that it's a law unto itself, at times.

    Look at how it ignores the laws pertaining to scalping. And then there's the issue of defammation. My wife bought something from an Ebayer. When it arrived, from the US, it was the wrong item. She emailed the ebayer direct and reported that the wrong item was sent and what did she want her to do.

    No response. One more email. Still nothing. She then responded via Ebay's email service, this time getting a response. She claimed that my wife simply said that she changed her mind. This wasn't the case. She wanted what she ordered. So the woman bullshits like this after Sheryl made this claim and put a negative comment, the only one in 3 years of Ebay trading that she's received.

    An official complaint to Ebay went unanswered. They don't give a stuff whether people lie about each other or not. They removed the negative mark but not the comment itself, which is just as damaging.

    I don't deal much in Ebay if I can help it. Simply not trusting enough of the setup or how it's adminstered.
  10. +1

    It might well be that it's locked itself into a loop which removing the battery for a few minutes may well cure??
  11. Yeah I went to do that but they are hex shaped/allan key screws with a "spike" in the middle so you need a hollowed out key to turn them which I unfortunately don't have :?

    mjt, I'll sell it. RRP is $1100.. I'll sell it to you at half price.. $550 :D
  12. DSE & Jaycar sell sets of those little funny security screw thingys for around $10.00, comes in handy at times.
  13. You can also get a torx driver and spot drill the center if you can't find a security version.
  14. Funny that you should say that.....

    No doubt you would.....
  15. :?: :?: :?:
  16. It's a "tongue-in-cheek" reply - That you're willing to sell me a dead unit.....

    Seriously. Keep us posted on this, will you? I'm looking at getting either the Garmin motorbike navigator or the TT Rider. If the Rider has problems then I may have to wait to see if there's a fix for it.

    I'd also look at pursuing your problem through Consumer Affairs, too. Normally you go back to the retailer or point of sale for warranty issues. But if it's an Ebay seller that is not able to be dealt with, then the distributor is your fallback point.

    Anyway, I'm sure that TomTom will be reasonable with respect to this. It's a major player in this expanding market and doesn't need this sort of crap hanging over its head.
  17. ^^ *Nod* Cool cool. The Innanet is like that! Can be hard to see what people mean from "just" text only. Big differences in:

    Hey, You suck


    Hey, You suck :p


    Well, we just got back from a ride to carlton, enjoy some Koko Black goodness then head on to Friday night "coffee" at South Bank which was interupted by the re-emergence of the fog and crappy weather. I must say, I feel a LOT safer being back in full leather. Also the "WOW.. You are HOT" looks from people seeing me go by is greatly appreciated as well :grin: Need some uplifting feelings. The past couple years has been sucksville for me (for once in my life so I can't really complain... I guess) and this is a good start to see the old me show again :grin: *pats myself on the back*.. Positive thoughts... Positive thoughts... :)

    I'll buy the key set either this weekend or next week and try the "complete" power reset trick and if it's no cigar, I'll get on to TomTom's backside about it.

    Thanks for the informative posts, I do appreciate them! :applause:
  18. If TomTom don't help you out, get one of these:


  19. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Is all I am going to say.. umm ok... So, the unit works now! What I thought was scratched contacts on the SD card which I had at least triple checked just to make sure they were stuffed turned out to be something white on the contacts which made them look scratched/stuffed. :oops: :oops:

    Luckily a friend who I was showing the stuffed SD card to said it looked strange/stuffed and when they had a "touch" of where I thought the contacts were scratched was actually something thinly on them preventing them from working in the unit and hence the unit wouldn't turn on because it couldn't detect the whole SD card (I guess).

    So, you can all point and laugh at me now. heh. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I now own 2 GPS units, maybe have one for the car and bike or keep the TomTom and sell the other one? (Or give it to someone as a pressie) :oops:
  20. \:D/ :cheeky: :p

    Don't you hate it when that happens!