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ok to wear non-motorcycle boots and jackets as protection?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. cause motorcycle specific stuff is expensive ($200+ for jackets/boots)

    can i just get a very thick jacket and high super strong boots from a casual clothes store?
  2. It's ok to wear them but just not as protection.

    Boots might be ok if they don't have laces. A normal thick jacket will provide little or no protection.
  3. Are you feeling lucky?
    Casual clothing won't protect you anything like as well as the stuff designed for the job.
    But it's your money and your skin, so make your own decision, I guess.
  4. No! i doubt the boots will provide you protection in the areas required in a motorbike off and a regular jact will do absolutely nothing to protect you.
  5. you will be fine. Here's a trick for summer: Only a few really cluey people know that in summer your skin is actually much tougher and also more moist so it wont tear anywhere near as badly as if it would in winter. You will get away with a light graze in the case of an off. You can actually suffice with just shirts and thongs, no need for jacket at all.
  6. Well a strong high ankle workboot/army boot would be ok, if you tuck the laces away.

    But thats a rather pointless discussion if you dont want to protect any part of your body between your head and feet.
  7. Re: ok to wear non-motorcycle boots and jackets as protectio

    I don't see any reason why you couldn't wear a straight jacket. Just make sure the arms are done up nice and tight.

    BTW, what do you have in mind for a helmet?
  8. Re: ok to wear non-motorcycle boots and jackets as protectio

    On the chance that the cheap casual-store jacket has enough abrasion resistance and seam strength to withstand a crash at legal speeds...

    ... It still won't have impact protection at the elbows, shoulders and spine to reduce the chance of shattering those parts of the body in a crash.
  9. why not? its your skin.

  10. After seeing a lot of motorcycle specific stuff after low-speed accidents, I don't think there'd be too much of a difference. :shock:
  11. Re: ok to wear non-motorcycle boots and jackets as protectio

    A $200 outlay is what % of the bikes outlay?
    Think about it!
  12. fail thread is fail :roll:
  13. I think his question has been answered...
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