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ok this is a longshot..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by suzyq, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    As I'm sure most of you know I crashed my bike about 6 weeks ago.. and then I got dumped by txt message. Yeah, he had a bike, so there goes my chance of getting a ride. Well, what i am asking is does anyone want to take me on as a pillion? Yeah, I know its a long shot! Well I thought that maybe there is someone out there that likes to ride, but would like to have company, maybe? It won't be forever as my bike and me are being fixed as we speak, however I am dying to get back on again. I have been told I am a good pillion if that helps. I am only little, 5'1" and 60kgs... I will be able to supply my own helmet and gear... I will help pay for fuel and might even shout lunch or coffee or whatever.. :grin:

    My shoulder is a bit dicky, but it's coming good slowly..I'm sure I can hang on when necessary......

    Anyway pm me if anyone is up for this.. :grin: Obviously I am in the Blue Mountains so I guess it would help if you were in the Western Suburbs of Sydney of course.


  2. too bad my uncle found a gf :(

    :LOL: good luck with it :)
  3. that's the way suziq get back on the horse that bucked you, so to speak. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. C'mon you single Sydney Netriders, rally round :grin:
  5. Dumped by text, that's harsh!

    Go and steal his bike, the prick!
  6. yeah I would Triway, but it an ST1100 and I can't touch the ground when sitting on it being only 5'1"! LOL! It was a nice comfy pillion ride though! Oh well! The thing that sucks is he dumped me after I fell off and smashed my shoulder... you've got to wonder....
  7. Break ups like that are so much easier though.... I have done by email & text... of course if you have been together for more than 6 months it may be a bit rude... but hey.. it happens.... I'm glad I found a good woman now to straighten me out of my nasty ways!!!!

    Different cases call for different things..... To dump someone after they have had a stack and aren't at least 90% is just plain old RUDE.... he could've waited a little while for that at least.
  8. Hey Suzi, why don't you drop in on one of the marque clubs like BMW, or Ducati, or a Ulysses meeting? I'm sure there will be someone there who would be grateful to have some companionship on rides.
  9. Liddonit, I'm glad you have found someone to straighten you out! :? You are still young and its probably acceptable. But if you are over the age of 25 or so a phone call is required if you don't have the guts to do it in person!

    Yeah, I am a member of Ulysses, maybe I should check them out?

  10. How long were you together?
  11. oh, only 3 months but still... I spent the previous weekend at a family wedding, his family that is..I drove to his place, about 45 mins away with one arm.. gee, makes me cranky talking about it! And like I said, things went downhill once I fell off my bike.. hmmm.. :?

  12. Normally 3 months is a phone call if you have time. BUT if you have met his parents then, face to face or at the VERY least a phone call that lasts for 25 minutes!!!

  13. Just an off topic thing. Did you (need to?) get clearance to drive? I was told yesterday by a physio manager dude that I needed 'official' clearance from someone before I was allowed to drive or ride again, something I didn't even know about or have been told from anyone before... :idea: :idea: :idea:
  14. 25 minutes?! What 2 minutes dumping, then 23 minutes pouring salt into the wound so to speak?
  15. move to melb...... everyone here are friendly and are happy to take u as pillion :grin: :grin:
  16. We'd never dump anyone via txt in Vic. We're much more professional. He should have sent you a proper letter!
  17. that sucks man. i've been dumped every which way known to mankind... text is sometimes the least painful of them :LOL: get out of town for a bit. come to melbourne for a weekend. you're welcome to my spare bed (once i'm back in town mid june) and lots of people here will offer your rides :wink:
  18. The Physio guy is full of it Suzy....

    Your DOCTOR has to fill out a specific form that HE sends to the RTA explaining that you are unable to drive/ride for a particular period of time. Your Doctor also has to give you a copy of that document.
    The physio guy is just an uniformed pratt.
    Physio workers generally do not have the authority to make any medical assumption in regards to a person being able or unable to drive.
    They must refer it to a Doctor.
    And folks...lets not start on about what if you had an accident and the insurance company feels you should not have been driving etc etc.
    It would be up to the individual company to prove you were unable to operate a motor vehicle in each individual circumstance.

    Now: Whereabouts in the Blue Mountains are you Suzy? Lin and I are going to be at Blackheath on this coming Saturday. We're having lunch at the Farmhouse at Little Hartley, Gegvasco another NR will also be there.
    You are most welcome to join us.
    Our bikes will have bags and touring gear on so there won't be room for a pillion on this trip, but if you are not far away I can dump the gear at the hotel and pick you up for a short ride.
  19. Thanks Jaq, Oh I am not worried about being able to ride or drive. Nobody has said to me that I cant! In fact the subject has never come up so i am not going to raise it! :wink:

    Jaq yeah I read your post about coming up here. I will PM you shortly.

    Oh yes liddonit I met his famiy, became friendly with his sister etc, etc. In fact I am going to keep in touch with her. She rides too. I'm just glad I didn't get him to join netrider!

    Hey totally off topic, how do you get one of those neat 'netrider member' symbol thingamys to come up under your profile? And yes, I am a member!
  20. Update your profile. Basically just go in and change something and i'm pretty sure it should then update you with a picture.

    ....You have paid your $5 and got your card right??? Because the symbol is for MEMBERS and not USERS. So if you haven't paid up you won't be able to get it.