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Ok, sorry to keep on with this, but I need help.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Telstra

  2. Netspace

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  3. Iinet

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  4. Optus

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  5. Dodo

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  6. Internode

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  7. Other

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  1. Votes and comments please guys.

    eg; What you voted for, what plan you on & what it costs?

    Appreciate your help boys & gals
  2. Internode.

    For why go and check the forums at whirlpool.
  3. I am in the same boat as yourself i am looking for a new broadband provider , currently with optusnet and out of contract , a mate of mine has just gone to excelnet , 7 GB limit for 49.00 per month , i am currently on a 1 GB limit for the same price per month so i will be watching this closely to see if there are better deals out there
  4. Telstra, I have had ADSL fo about 8mths now and hasn't been down once, haven't had to contact them once, had absolutely NO problems at all. That makes them the best IMHO regardless of if there are cheaper out there.
  5. Im with Bigpond, was on $40 256/512 400 mb plan but kept blowing the limit and paying 15c per meg thereafter. Now on $70 256/512 unlimited. :)
  6. My days with Optus cable are now but rosy memories. Cable kicks arse over DSL. It just seems to WORK.
  7. telstra bigpond.
    10gb unlimited but capped at 10gb.
    $29.95 opening deal for first 6 months.
    then $59.
    Never had an issue and its always fast.

    Had to show the tech how to install it on the mac though....!!!

  8. Word.

  9. Node any day of the week, hands down!
  10. Now that's a forum for geeks! Don't believe everything you read in a forum [particuarly the Telstra bashing] and yes that includes this one.
  11. Im with optus cable and i have never went down. ive had it for two years.. the only gripe i have with optus is no static ip address.. only dynamic..

    sucks cause i cant use my own servers..
  12. Cable by far more reliable & on average faster than ADSL, i had bigpond cable for 2 years with around 4 outages per year, Now with Optus cable for 2 years and only 2 outages over that time but speeds seem faster.
  13. Same deal here..my contract includes 6 months free...
    so far Ive paid zilch...but my 6 months aint up yet.
    Im on unlimited downloads for $59.95 a month..well worth it!
    Ive had not one drama.....well....I have but they were at my end..cables not plugged in properly :oops:
    Anytime I have had to ring them..they have been most helpful..and answered all calls promptly.
  14. exetel here..

    $70 a month for 1500/256 with 36gb downloads, free downloads between 12am and 10am (i think) and $2 a gb after i go over (which i dont beleive i can do with them)
    no dropouts, occasional resets but a static IP so makes my life easier for work :grin:

    but yeah, cable kicks ADSLs bum for speed, its just that i tend to leech from time to time and can do the 10-12gb in a day with cable if i get greedy. its better this way i think :LOL:
  15. I'm with TPG, pretty bloody good deals (esp at the time i joined), no real dramas with ISP, just phone line and storms :roll:
  16. try TPG
    $49.95 unlimited.... but its capped at 20g
    i think its 512 or it could be 256 speed, no upload limit
    check them out first ok
    thats just what i used to have
    and had no trouble
  17. recently been with swiftdsl (didn't keep up with pricing trends) and TPG (decided to change pricing on a bunch of users, $20 extra a month for 5gb more dl. let me think about this.... um, geffarked :LOL: ).

    time will tell if i'll continue to be an ISP slut, but exetel are impressive so far :grin:

  18. Internet supply is an inherantly geeky thing so I would trust a geek over a "consumer" anyday.

    But, then I make up my own mind.

    One of the problem people have with Telstra is that you don't really get anything for the extra money you pay.