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Ok, so my ZZR250 is ALMOST sorted.. Electrical Problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Denelor, May 13, 2006.

  1. Speedo stops working, replace cable : CHECK

    Suspension horrible: stiffen up rear end to maximum setting and put heavier fork oil in the front: CHECK

    now, my final hurdle for blissful, untroubled riding is simply this:

    When im riding my bike the headlight intermittently cuts in and out. It usually cuts in and out when im riding over a bump, and when its out i can ALWAYS turn it back on by putting on my indicators.. so does anyone have any ideas for a simple or easy fix to this? auto-electrician id rather not have to call in.


  2. Check all your connections are good e.g. check the headlight is plugged in properly, all yourp lugs are not dirty and well plugged in, check/clean the switchblock.

  3. Is this all the problem is?

    I dunno, it just seemed kinda strange that when i turned my indicators on it would turn the headlight back on.. any thoughts on this?


  4. maybe have a look in the left handle-bar unit (with the head light/indicator switches) too
  5. ok, sounds like its gonna be one of those pain in the ass problems you just have to check everything to track down :(

    Ah well,

    Thanks for the info guys
  6. If the indicators are effecting other electrical, chech their earthing points. i.e check they have good connections and wherever they tye back into the frame or motor also has a good connection.

    May need to clean up some connections.
  7. I would say it would be a problem in your switch gear, and you might want to check the wiring diagram and see if the two systems link, and look there for a problem.
  8. Awesome,

    Thanks heaps for the pointers guys, ill pull off the fairing and let ya know what happens :)

  9. Here's an update on what happened yesterday with my tinkering once i got the fairing off:

    Turns out the previous owner of my ZZR had decided to kit out the bike with a neon light over the radiator, a la Fast and Furious style.. So I unwired and pulled it all off and it seems my headlight problem is largely sorted. I checked the connections too everything seemed alright

    Thanks for the help :)
  10. Neon's on a bike... Was this guys head attached properly... Would have made him look stupid more than anything. LOL [-X