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ok, pls listen...should i get a cbr 125?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kynyt1703, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    ive been pretty slack, did my prelearners 3 months ago and got to only do my knowledge test the day before my prelearners expired. All this time, im still struggling to find a bike. I thought the ninja 250 was all good for me (stupid me havent sat on one prior and been searching for a second hand for months).

    So, I sat on one few days ago. its daunting. I can barely lift up and steer one of those things. I know it all comes to practice but i hate to say it but il seriously kill myself if id practice on one of those If i tip toe on one foot, My other is literally is 30cm off the ground (i blame my short inseam).(oh yeah...i only barely passed my prelearners).

    Im 153 cm tall chick around 50kg.

    The yamaha r15 (too tall again, would need at least 3inch or more lowered to get me tippy toed)

    cbr 250- pretty much the same as the ninja

    i did my prelearners on a cb250 (they provided me with a lowered seat and i tipped toed my whole way in the course)

    tried a few cruisers but the sitting posture is a bit awkward for me.

    so far the bikes ive tried the cbr 125, i can tippy toe on it and feel confident on it. (il still prob want to shave off some foam on the seat)

    I know everyone says its underpowered and dangerous etc, but is that the case for someone my height and weight?

    They are affordable but i dont know if i should get a brand new ($4000~)or a secondhand 2010 ($3300~) 2007 ($2500~)? cause i think il probally want to get a bigger bike when im off my P's or even learners. also i wont be getting comprehensive insurance (third party only) as its going to cost me more than the bike itself.

    Im planning to only drive back and forth to work for now which is around 15kms and probally ride locally. Im really passionate about motorbikes and I dont want to give up just because I cant find a bike suitable for me.

    Silly question: can i go for a short test ride with the sales person? i know you guys will say they prob dont do test rides on the 125's but i just want to have a feel of it.
  2. Got a photo? One of you on a bike would help us get a rough idea of what you are dealing with. :D
  3. You have the same problem my wife has..

    But the 125 is far too slow if you want to do anything other than commute. There are a lot of them out there second hand with very low Kms for that reason.

    Eventually Mrs frodg got a Yamaha Scorpio (225cc) (cheap as chips but great even in the country for someone you height & weight - it is also very light and runs on the smell of an oily rag).

    BUT we did two things to get it to the right height: Shaved off 2-3cm from the seat (about $70 to get that done but could have done it ourselves really) AND had a different shorter shock put on the rear (about $250 if i remember right). All up it cost around $2750 as the bike was second hand too.

    It then fit my 45kg 153cm wifelet perfectly - she loved it until we needed more touring capacity.

    Another friend of ours the same size as my wife bought the 125 and regretted it almost immediately when she rode the Scorpio....
  4. I have a friend who bought a 2nd hand CBR125 with 3,000kms just after she got her Ls. She is 5foot3 and 50kg. The CBR125 was the perfect bike for her to learn on, very light and simple to ride. She had it for about 6 months then put it up for sale. She needed something a bit more powerful, it was fine for riding into town and small trips but not powerful enough to feel safe riding on the highway. She currently rides a Yamaha xv250 which is still pretty light and has a low seat and being a cruiser style bike she finds it a lot more comfy on the highway, at first she didn't like the cruisers but having owned the xv now for a few months she loves the look and ride position of the bike.

    Good luck!
  5. I can't help agreeing that a 250 scooter would be a better bet, even if you only keep it for a year while you get your road skills up.....
  6. I also have to agree on this one
  7. If the 125 feels comfortable and youre not planning on many long rides get that one, KNOWING that it wont be around for long. I would buy a good second hand one so you dont lose as much on resale, one owner, low kilometres with a checkable service history is better than a cheapie.
  8. thanks for everyones replies :) much appreciated.

    @ramjet: i dont know much people who rides around me to ask questions but when people say there isnt enough power for the hwy, do they mean the wind bashes them around too much for such a light bike or overtaking wise or both?

    sorry for the questions but is a bike that small with 10-20k+ kms on the clock not a idea? cause if not i can get those cheap as chups but dunno about safety wise.

    @frodg: I see that you're in sydney, where did you get the seat shaved? i got quoted $90-110 for it and did you see how they did it? cause i sussed it out on youtube it seems easy to DIY but dont know whats the chance of stuffing up.

    @hornet: i was actually thinking of that but i would really prefer to be on a motorbike and learn on one, are scooters easy to learn and balance on even though i done my learners on a manual?

    @VTRAffair: haha, once i get a bike il take a pic and see if you guys think whatever im dealing with is suitable for me :p
  9. @foot69: i nearly forgot to checkable service history. thanks for reminding me :)
  10. My wife is little, somewhat like you. She finds a lot of bikes to high and the weight puts her off.

    She ended up falling in love with a Bolwell Mio 100cc scooter.

    Otherwise I would have gotten her a Hoda Rebel
  11. Be it a cbr125 or any type of scooter, so long as it gives you the confidence to get some k's on the road it will be a good thing. Chances are you won't be hooning it up for a little bit and I would say your weight wouldn't be putting too much stress on a 125 for commuting and/or short freeway stints.

    In time you'll probably feel that you could have gone straight to the ninja or another bike but what you really need is a ride that gives you enough confidence to get some further experience now. If that means you upgrade in 3 or 6 months well thats better than having a ninja sitting still in your garage for the 6 months or worse still getting a feeling of unease each time you head out (apart from the healthy kind).

    Try a few out, even cruisers from one maker to another will be different, and don't worry too much about how much money you might lose when it comes time to step up. You'll find that everyone is thinking about there next bike purchase regardless of how long they have had their current ride for.
  12. You should be able to test ride a 125 if you need to. My wife did when she first bought one and there was no probs.

    I know people say they are slow, but your not buying it as a track day bike or a long distance cruiser, so i would think it would be a great bike for you to learn on. As long as you feel comfortable and confident on whatever you get, then that's the key (in my mind anyway.)

    I wouldn't recommend a scooter though, mostly because i would think you would want to learn on a manual bike. My wife originally went for her bike license with the rider safe course in SA. Halfway through the first day she was struggling a bit, so they put her on a scooter. She cracked the shits and didn't come back the second day. She said that she wanted to learn to ride a bike, not a scooter. So she booked in again and started the day one again on a bike and passed the second time.

    She then bought a CBR125 and absolutely loved it.

    Long story short, if its comfy for your height, then thats the bike for you. Don't worry about speed or thrills. Your learning, your going to get your thrills just by riding, no matter the speed.
  13. Hi,

    Got the seat shaved at Parramatta - down the road from BikeBiz - can't remember the name.

    But it is very easy to do yourself. If you need assistance PM me - I am near Hornsby.

    A cruiser is a very different type of ride and not for everyone. Mrs frodg hated them. The handling and feel was wrong for her but it could be right for you. The 250 cc cruiser range is much bigger so you could get a better choice.

    You could get the scooter and not have to wear boots and jacket - just some high heels and summer dress.... :) :) :)

  14. Yeah your spot on, the wind effects stability and the bike will tend to move around a bit in the lane. Also pick up speed is lacking, 0-100kms/h takes a lot longer on the little 125cc so it takes a bit longer to get out of trouble and could be a bit daunting if you see a big semi closing in on your rear mudguard. Overtaking is almost out of the question at highway speeds on the 125 haha.

    In saying that, the cbr125 does a great job at suburban speeds and keeps up with traffic easily around the city.
  15. Depending on your commute, it could be OK, but then I'll also second the Scorpio 225 and add the Honda CBF250 (the single cylinder local model), both light, small, cheap and which would do what the 125 does, but with less effort.
  16. Your post made me remember this video:

    This chick is only 4'11". Her first bike was a Virago 250 which she could flat foot fine, then she upgraded to a Kawasaki EX250 (ZZR250).

    She got the seat shaved, a 2" lowering link, and got thicker soles added to her boots and now she can flat foot the bike fine and has no problems.

    Don't give up, where there's a will there's a way.
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  17. Great post Sish, that was a great video :)
  18. thanks for the link Sish! ive been told by the blokes at all dealers that it all comes to practice and confidence so hopefully one day i can ride a bigger bike.

    ive sat on a few more bikes few days ago. and i think il stick with the cbr 125. sat on the cbf250 and it was still too tall for me and also a trashed secondhand (they picked it up from the riders course) was same price as a brand new 2011 cbr 125. im scared of too much maintenance cost if i got it.

    one issue with the cbr 125 is that i didnt know the height is different. i can tippy toe only on the 2010 (unsure about 07, 08 model) but as a result i feel a bit more confident. the 2009 and 2011 is taller due to a bigger wider 'looking' size tank, seat is much wider and bigger (better looking) tyres. But the dealer was wiling to lower the forks? for free so il be able to reach the ground.

    price wise:

    =2011 around $4k ride away over the phone price 12 months rego (without haggling)

    =2010 secondhand with 6 months warranty and rego: $3-3.3k + additional transfer and stamp duty cost (and just under 1000km therefore no first service is done yet) and will need to still lower the bike a bit myself.

    or just get a older model 07, 08 or 09 for around $2.5-3k with/without rego

    can someone help me out with my dilemma? this is upsetting and stressing me as ive got no one to help me in person :(
  19. Two things:-

    1) The weight of a bike is unimportant, except for when you drop it, and we're not talking about bikes that would be hard to get off the ground.

    2) Being able to flat foot a bike with both feet is not necessary. You only need one foot on the ground, even on uneven terrain.
  20. They're slow, boring bikes. Look how many there are on BikeSales, everyone is trying to get rid of them. Get a VTR250 etc. for the same price.