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Ok....now I'm stressing...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peeahh, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Ok, so I just booked my full licence at Baylink for the 1st. Cutting it VERY fine as my L's are up the week after so I'm crapping myself.

    Now, I know Dave's great, I did my L's with them, and I know he's very calming and all that. I'm not worried about the light test, but the turn staying in the lines worries me. I still turn wide (on the CBR at least) and I'm worried I'm not going to stay in the line.

    So...I know I'm more confident on the CBs. Should I use that?

    Otherwise, anyone know of somewhere local that has.......SOMETHING similar that I can practice the turn on??

  2. heres the thing with your ps test

    1) do the entire test on a dirt bike it's easy as! [tight turning circle]

    2) the u turn, if you stuff it put your foot down OR go outside the line. DON'T DO BOTH you will loose enough points to fail. a u turn is 2 car spaces.

    3) go to your local basket ball court in school hours or a car park after hours.

    i practiced heaps and thought i would fail. when i got there the degree for the counter stear was much looser than expected.

    stump it up! :cool:
  3. I don't think they have any there...

    It's not a U-turn as such, is just a slight curve (not even a 90 degree one) but still tighter than I usually do.

    Yeah might have to!

    Thanks for the advice :)
  4. Hi peeahh

    Use the bike you are comfortable with . Most omportantly, chill out hon. Getting the L's was way harder. The curve is easy as long as you look through and not at the ground. You go into the curve look to the out and round you go. You probably do the same curve all the time without the painted white lines so just dont fixate on them.

    You get to practise anyway on the day , so you'll be fine .

    All the very best with it .
  5. I would use the CB. It's much easier to balance and turn at low speed. :)

    Now for the important bits.

    1. Relax. Even if you fail, you can re-do your L's so it's not the end of the world. Besides, you'll pass easy anyway. Tell you what, if the sky does actually fall, you can smack me in the face with it. :)

    2. The bike will go where you look. Go in to the turn as close to the line as possible, then turn your head around and try to look back where you came from and the bike will follow your eyes. :)

    Tips: Keep your chin up. If you look down at the ground beside the bike, that's where you'll go, so look up at the other end of the course when you look through the turn.

    Also, find a visual marker before you do the turn. A tree or post at the other end of the field that lines up with the u-tun box to look at. If you have something specific to look at, you will automaticaly be looking through the turn with your chin up.

    Don't go too deep into the box. Allow plenty of space between your bike and the back line so you don't run though the back of the box. :)

    Good luck and forget the stress, we'll see you with a licence on the 1st. :grin:
  6. hey.. the test is a pinch of piss.. if you have ridden at all on your l's, you'll be fine. when i did mine, i was stressed out but realised during the day i could more than do what was asked..

    few tips- dont worry bout the turns.. go as fast as you feel comfortable. relax. look where ya want to go.

    light tree. RELAX is very important, and so is DONT TRY AND GUESS WHATS GUNNA HAPPEN! if you do that, its when you'll fcuk it up. there was 12 people on my course.. 1/2 failed. of the 6, 5 people tried to guess the lights before it happened, and the other was because he had never sat on a bike since he did his l's and couldnt ride a pushbike with training wheels.
  7. re; dirt bikes

    call them, they will av em. if not try and get in somewhere where they do av em.

    honda bought the upright test some years ago so it may av changed
  8. mate... just relax and be confident. dont get yourself all psyched out. the u turn is not that hard. its jsut balance, throttle and clutch with a little rear brake.
    the easiest way is gently ride your rear brake to stop and lurch from the throttle. this also means less adjsutment on the throttle. use the clutch as your power delivery... ie dont keep twisting on and off on your throttle as this will upset your smooth action required. feather the clutch and the brake. set up and jsut turn in nice and smooth. as you go round keep feathering the brake and clutch. if you feel the bike wants to fall in soem more jsut let out a little more clutch or lift hte brake lightly. this will increase your speed jsut enough to lift the bike and keep you on track. dont play with your turn angle as everytime you open the turn you gotta close it more to make up for it.

    another trick is when turning and leaning your bike slightly, is that you keep your body verticle as this will help keep your balance even.

    go step out 6m in a carpark tonight and jsut keep trying the u turn and have the angle corner set up for the 90' turn. jsut practice the feathering and you will ahve control. take some butter containers or the like and also mark out hte weave while you are at it. gives you something to work around while you clear your head after each u turn attempt and curve. bet after about half an hour you will have it mastered.

    and dont listen to the crap about getting some piece of shit dirt biek to do the test. the test is designed to make sure you ahve learnt skills to survive. if you can not do these simple tests on your bike then its an indicaiton of more practice required.

    all these people that do the tests on *simple to use bikes* are probably all the same ones that fall over at slow speeds or have stacks with in the first few months of riding thhier actual.

    jsut be patient, calm. think clearly and i am sure you can do it.
  9. Everyone has pretty much covered the important bits. Relax, and congrats in advance.
  10. Dave does NOT have any trailies there. You don't need 'em anyway.

    Peeah, the P's test is much easier than the L's test. When I went down to do mine there was a woman there who was really, REALLY stressing out.

    Dave will let you practice heaps before the test, and will give you tips and hints while you're doing it. I did it no problems on my VTR, and the woman who was there with me used one of Dave's CB's and had no problems either.

    Relax - you'll be fine.. :wink:
  11. Fanks all.

    Stump - as Macca mentioned, Dave doesn't have dirties. And I don't want to go to another one just to use it.

    I know Dave, I did my L's there, and I'm really comfortable with him. The only reason I don't want to use Sverre's is that it's heavier (or at least feels it) and if I can eliminate anything that I think will make me stress more I'll do it - so I may use the CBs.

    I'm taking the CBR down and i'll see how I go. If I don't trust it then i'll get on the CB.

    Fanks for the support and tips guys, I know deep down that I'll be fine, and I"ll do it and think it was easy as piss...but in the meantime, I have a week and a bit to stress about it! :LOL:
  12. spend that week practising your slow manouvers and handling the bike... not stressing :!: :wink:
  13. *chuckles* Yes boss ;)
  14. I'm just so glad that we dont have to do hte U-turn here in Vic.

    I did my L's at Armstrongs and during hte L's course, we spent a fair amount of time practicing counter steering and fast riding through the P's turn.

    They did that so we would have the confidene ot pass our L's and know that we aren't that far away from doing hte P's test.

    Also, with the counter steering, they would stand ahead of us where the lights would be and signal which way they wanted us to go so it was mimicking the lights scenario.
  15. Yeah when Sverre did his, Dave gave him a practice run with the lights.

    I know he'll let me practice, and it's just me so I won't feel like everyone's watching me, just..yeah..stressin...it's what I do :p

    And yeah...by the sounds of all that, I'm mighty damn glad we don't have to do the u-turn!! :shock:
  16. I'll have to come down and spectate.. :p
  17. Dont try to anticipate the light sequence. I saw someone do that, he zigged when he should have zagged, dropped the bike and failed. That part is very easy, it just looks daunting.
    I've seen you ride and I think you will breeze through it.
  18. Oh god... :p

    Nah I won't. He was saying that with Sverre - 'this is just a practice, they will NOT be in this sequence.

    And thanks for the vote of confidence :)
  19. We don't??

    so what do we do... swerve/stop at the lights and what else???

    oh two turns...... you sure thats all??
  20. I think it might be different depending on who you do it with...

    But Baylink, I can tell you, you do the light test (swerve right, left, emergency braking) and a 'turn' test - no, not a u-turn, more of a .... round-a-bout turn!...and you have to stay within the lines.

    That's it :)