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Ok now im just pissed off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharmedSon2, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Last Wed. 16th May, while at school, someone (I have a theory of who) decided they would scratch my tank, down to the metal, with a pair of scissors, it was'nt a large amount of damage but that's not the point...

    Since then, I've come out of school to go home and some has:

    a) Tues. 22nd May - Spread chewing gum over my speedo and temp. gauge and;

    b) TODAY! - Stuck a peanut butter sandwich to my seat and fuel cap.

    I've taken things up with the school but they say all they can do is try and find anyone who knows anything about it, naturally no-one knows anything.

    I'm deciding whether or not to make it a police issue because it's really starting to piss me off, and the school STUDENT car park isn't very bike friendly (unpaved, dirt, pot-holes everywhere, and when it rains its all muddy).

    I am also trying to decide whether or not to leave the school because these things seem to just keep escalating.

    Any advice from anyone about anything please chuck up a reply.
  2. Tell them that repeated vandalism is happening on their property and its their responsibility to set up a camera or you will go to the media, schools hate media. Security cameras are neither expensive or hard to set up. Worst comes to worst, leave your bike there, get a fair distance away, and watch for a while.

  3. The problem with that is the whole SCHOOL bit, and I never know when it happens, but it seems to be only when everyone is in class, the bike is in full view of everyone during recess and lunchtimes.
  4. My bet would be 10-15 mins after the bell rings to go to class. pull a sickie, but still take your bike there, and sit in a car all day watching it. kinda boring, but you will pbly catch the culprit.
  5. Park your bike directly in front of the principals office "until the vandalism stops". That oughtta get some sort of response! :biker:
  6. That would mean riding the bike around on the grass infront of the main builing and parking on the grass on a hill... thats not a big drama...
    The drama is he is harldly ever in his office...
  7. Park in the staff car park. That's what I did.
  8. Thats what i did today, yet it still got sandwiched...
  9. Actually, I'll bet that the carpark is sign posted "Owner Onus"
  10. so ride it round and park it in front of all your classes.. or in the teachers car park. or stake it out, take pics of the dickheads doing the minor shit (as inconvienient as peanut butter is, and as much as it really shits you up the wall. it washes off) present them to the headmaster of the school, and se if they'll do something then. if they do nothing, go to the cops, and also write to the education department and tell them of whats going on. if nothign gets done, go to a current affair or something..
  11. If the school is not willing to act, contact the police.

    Hope it all works out okay for you.
  12. Post a reward for witnesses that can identify the shithead :grin:
  13. pay for me to drive there and back, and i will catch them and kick their arse while you are being all studious and stuff ;)

  14. Actually its not... therefore the school is liable for the damage to it...or would if come under some sort of negligence?...the school has no type of security.

  15. Theres a problem with both of those ideas, I'm low on funds... :( [/quote]
  16. Get a friend to have a sickie and watch the bike or a family member. All i can tell you if someone did that to my bike, i wouldn't hold back, get them at any cost and then choose how to deal with em.
  17. Yeah but watching it isnt going to help - its not like it happens everyday and he cant just pull a 'sickie' for two weeks in a row until he catches the culprit.

    You could always just kick the f*cking shit out of the guy you suspect is doing it - if its not him then the person who did it might get afraid and stop?

    Or get your folks to pay for a cheap nasty ebay alarm that goes off when a sparrow farts 200m away from the bike - then you might catch him in the act? Otherwise get your old man to go in and see the principle and get him to say that his next recourse is the cops? Maybe the principle will set up a camera?

    But watching it wont help unless you get lucky, IMO. Good luck catching the b*stard.
  18. Times 2
  19. Get a little spy camera setup either on the bike or somewhere close near the bike. Let them do their best then watch the footage, followed by breaking both their arms and kicking thier skull in
  20. With all the hoo haa about bullying going on at the moment I would definitely go the complaint route, school -> Education dept -> Media.

    Email Koschie, he's a scooter rider and may see some good coverage in catching the pr#ck?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.