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Ok my turn... welcome me!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pinx, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I found these forums really early this morning and it looks like I'm joining some of you for the Sunday ride to Phillip Island. I hadn't even introduced myself yet you're taking me anyway - thanks!

    I've got to admit I'm a little scared of other larger vehicles on the road, especially hire vehicles...ok, hire TRUCKS. 2 days before getting off my Ls I had a truck cut me off. My bike was written off and I had concussion/weird head stuff for a week, but I got my license on the planned day anyway (awesome friend flipped me the bird to make me laugh all day and get me through it). And thanks to patient instructers at HART who encouraged me while I failed to fight the tears. Thanks Mars, thanks Phil.

    As of 2 days ago I now have a new (2nd hand) bike, new suit (leather this time) and a very cushy new helmet. All of a sudden there's nothing else as deserving to spend my pittence of a pay on.

    Anyhoo ;-) I'm back on the road and loving it, but glad to have found some others to help ease me into such a big event as PI. Thank you!


  2. hey pinkxie thats an awesome tale, top points for getting back on.
  3. Hi Caroline,

    Welcome. Have a great ride to the Island on Sunday. Congrat's on persevering with the Ps.

  4. I'm glad to see your back on the road with mankinds best friend of the two wheel kind. Stay safe.
  5. Welcome Caroline, you're always in good hands with Netriders.....
  6. welcome, have a squizz at my road conditions report. it might just help you out! :grin:
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse. :grin:
  8. Welcome to Netrider Caroline, and enjoy PI it's a motorcycling experience like very few others :)
  9. Welcome and glad to hear you 'got back on the horse' - should be a great ride down!
  10. Welcome Pinkxie, and glad you made your way back
  11. soooo good that you persisted, welcome, hope you had a great time at PI
  12. Hiya Caroline.

    I see you know Mars and Phil. :cool:
  13. Caroline,
    Hi & welcome.
  14. Welcome, glad to hear you have met a few of us already, look forawrd to meeting at at a up coming coffee night

    cheers stewy
  15. Ha ha... just when I thought my welcomes had finished, I got more! Thanks guys. Can't wait to meet up with you all. Melbournians, if you see a pink jacket on a little CBR hooning about (err... I mean riding sensibly), give me a thumbs up or flip the bird :LOL: . I'll drop in for a Monday or Friday coffee at some point.
  16. Pink Jacket? Black dear, its always ment to be black!
    Pinks just so girlie...!
  17. I know it's girly, but I got so scared of not being seen after my accident. I'm convinced the driver didn't even look, so I could have been lit up like the sun and the same thing would have happened, but I'm also aware that sometimes (in other situations) when you're not even really scanning bright colors jump into your vision. I want to jump into people's vision. DON'T RUN ME OVER! I was actually looking for yellow, but Tiger Angel seemed to be the only ones doing enough yellow and I didn't want to spend that much on a single season suit. So pink it was. I don't care. It's fun to look a little silly ;)
  18. Hehe, silly is good.
    And the pink power ranger was cute!
    I just like black...its *cough* slimming.....
  19. And here's another one to welcome ya...
    I'll definitely try and flip you the bird seeing as it helped you pass your P's. ;)